So, I’m at school right now.
I just recieved my yearly report for myself, and i’m kinda happy and kinda disappointed at the same time.

I’m happy about my reports about my english. But I’m not happy with my math reports.

I know I’m not great at math, and that I should be grateful about it even being there, as they don’t write these to except for the best pupil, but the length still kinda disappoints me. Maybe it’s because I’m comparing these with the best pupil in class. But still… I’m kinda disappointed.


I’m currently reading wings of fire 8.
I’m kinda facepalming but am deeply facinated by the story line (although I’m 17 years old…) and an enjoying it.

I talked about my report with my teacher, and I feel kinda better.


So, just before I started to write this part, I took out quite a bit of trash.

It’s the second to last day of school, (at least the 11th grade part, that is) and all of us at school got quite a bit of trash to take out. I think I got my blood going on in… quite some time, i guess. I really don’t work out a lot any more. So, i guess it wasn’t all that bad..?


I just ate dinner.
Before dinner, I played games with my friends. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a big deal to me.

Ever since I was bullied, me trusting other people has gone seriously down. Basically cause my so called friends betrayed me, I guess. This might be why I’m a sucker for books. There’s always one nice guy in books, and maybe I want to befriend him. Maybe it’s not. I dunno.

Anyway, that means that me making new friends has gone seriously down as well.

I normally don’t play with others. And I only talk with a selected few. Those sellected few are almost fully made out of friends I had before. It’s literally been a year, and it’s not been so long since I played with my classmates. I still don’t joke around them. But I’m getting more comfortable, which is good, I guess.

So we played ‘mafia’.
I don’t know if this game is actually done outside of korea, but I can say that I really did enjoy it.

I asked my friends if it was ok to record it, and they said yes, which I was delighted to hear.

I had fun.
Literally one of the most fun days in my life, i think. I am really grateful for having these guys as my classmates. They’re really cool.

Kind of wish i had befriended them earlier on.


I’m playing some cs : go right now.
I suck at games…
I get better grades on studying than on games…


I’m at the academy.
I’m having headaches again.


I’m gonna go and wash now.
And probably not go to sleep till it’s like 5 am…


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