So, I’m going to the mental hospital again.
My plan is to go to the mental hospital, and after that, go to a headphone shop and listen to all the headphones that are there.

So far, I’ve got responds from the internet community, but none of them says that they will be there. Well, whatever.

I just saw an article in the elevator that a father had stolen a piece of chocolete to give it to his daughter. It’s kind of sad. Father’s love…


I went to the mental hospital.
I thought about how I was always angry and now I kind of know, so I told the doctor about it.

He told me that it was a good sign, but I still had to try. He said it was the first step to getting better, but I should try or else I would be the same as before.

I hope I will try.

Anyways, I’m on the subway to go to the headphoneshop right now.


I’m at the headphone shop right now.
I just accidentally mistook atk1p instead of t5p…

Really embarassing…and funny at the same time… lol…

Hope I can find a headphone of my choice…


Sadly, no headphone of my choice…
Though, I am listening to some earphones right now. It’s a westone ampro 30, and it’s  quite nice, I’ll give it that. It’s surprisingly nice with hip-hops lol


So… ie800…
Quite nice.
But I like the ampro 30 better, I think.


So, I laid my hands on ampro20 right now.
I think I like the westone series.

So… the ampro 20 and 30 has a difference of $100… i’m listening and seeing if it has that much value to it.


So… I’m going home right now. Or… going to a book store. Wherever. So I met this english person before, and somehow I managed to meet up with him again. Lol… kinda funny, actually. I erased his number, so I got his number again.

Kind of just a wow.

A long wow.

Did not think I would meet this guy again…


I’m still in the subway.
Deicded that I wanted to go to the bookstore, so I got out of the train for a bit.

Turns out the bookstore was big, but was not as big as I would have liked. For one, there was not enough foreign books, which sucked.

The subway’s cramped. I wonder how this can happen when i’ve been only off the sub for 30 min or so.

Can’t wait to go home…


So… still in the sub.
Reading a fanfic while on the sub.
Not my best choice.

Wtf… this has lemon in it…

Why the fuck am I reading this…


This was not my best idea…


And as all lemons end, her sister witnesses the scene…

Why… why am I reading this…


Next chapter.
Hopefully this won’t have any lemon in it…


Bad sign… mention of children…
Plz… no…
If there’s another lemon, i am seriously just going to close firefox…


Just got off the bus, and read the chapter.
Thankfully no lemon, but i really did not want to see the lemon part, so i just closed firefox.

Hopefully I’ll find something better.

Who knew there would be lemon in a fanfic of a book that was made for 6th graders!


Just had dinner.
Went to bathroom
Now my ass is on fire.
What did I eat wrong?


Gonna go to sleep soon.


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