I’m going to school now.
Got some fanfics downloaded on my phone.
Btw, the only reason I read fanfics is cuz i got nothin to read while moving. It isn’t like subway where u can just stand and read.

Anyways, got some new fanfics, hopefully these won’t have any lemons in it.


I’m at school.
My homeroom teacher is giving iut our score sheets right now. Apparantly I git everything messed up except for my math and english.

Well, I’m happy with it. Math and english is all that matters to me.

Hahahahahaha. I’M HAPPY


I’m at the school auditorium. We’re doing a school fareware for the spring vacation. What’s ironic is that I need to come back 2 skool in a few dayz cuz Ima 12th grader now.


Anyways, hopefully this will end soon, and I’ll get 2 use the computer soon.


I’m going god-knows-where with my friends. I don’t exactly have a lot of memories with them, so… yeah. I decided to crash in with them. Hopefully this will be fun.


So… I’m near a university right now.
Everyone agreed to come here to rat something. Will it be good?


We ended up in a fast-food but not fast-food kinda place. It’s a korean place, so no english can explainit quick. Got the samething as others. I think it-ll be good


So… I ate lunch(which took like forever to come, cuz the waiter forgot my order twice) and went to a karaoke spot.

Found out that I was horrible at singing. Lol guess I could not have everything, can I. Still had fun though

Now I’m at a internet cafe. Currently waiting for cs:go to download. Becuz I do not play online games, I can’t play with my friends… which suck.

Anyways, hope I can go home soon. I’m kinda tired now.


I’m near home now. My friends did not show any sign of going home, so I got out before them. I played near 3 hours.

Right now im going to an atm cuz I borrowed $10 from my mom, and am on my way to return it. Guess it’s gonna take that little bit longer than i expected.


Had dinner, doing homework right now.
By homework, I mean opening the book and playing with my phone.

Have to go to the math class in an hour…


So, math class is over, and I’m playing cs go now.

It’s so good to play on a familiar computer.


I’m going to sleep now.
I know i-ve been lazy today, so I’ll try harder tomorrow.


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