I kight have completely forgotren about my diary today.

So, basically what I have done is wake up at 11:40, read a little bit of book, then play on my phone all day long.

I have to go to math class in 2 hours and have done nothing.

Right now I’m standing in front of my school waiting for my friend.

Another day with no math homework done lol.


I just departed with my friend.
We just talked about some random stuff.

Gonna go get some instant noodles now.

Btw, I’m getting money from my friend next week cuz he broke my laptop. But I probably shouldn’t get my hopes high considering he already told me dat like a million times.


Just ate a instant noodle.

Ate the latest hottest cup of instant noodles.

Not my best idea. I literally can’t even type well cuz my mouth is burning up.

1 hour till math class and nothing done lol


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