So I might have been neglecting my diary for the last few dayz. I’ll try not to.

I’m waiting to get on a train ti go to the mental hospital right now. I’m literally using the train not the subway. It’s my first time using it, and my friend kinda talked me into it. So I’m blaming my friend if I get late.

He’s gone to go get some more clothes on cuz he felt cold right now, and the train’s here in 11 min. Kinda worrying if he’ll be on time right now. If he dosent… well, I always have the bus.


I’m on the train right now.


I’m on my way to the library with my friend. The train was damn fast. Real damn fast that it kinda surprised me. Just went to the mental hospital, talked to the doctor, then got some pills, now going to the library.

I did not read one of the books. Hopefully I’ll read it all soon.


I’m at the library.

Had a little bit of sleep on the way.

Still tired though.

Checked out a few books. Reading another dragon book right now.


Still at the library.

Right now I’m reading geronimo stilton series, which is totally under-age 4 me, but I like the series, so I’m readin it. If it’s fun, who cares, right?


So… that was a bad idea. I guess I have grown out of those books. Was not as fun as i had expected, so I just returned it to its original spot.

Now im reading shatter me by mafi.

This one was good, but i didn’t finish it so… yeah.


Still reading

Wonder if I should check the book out.


I asked my friend if he wants to go home now. Answer was no… lol


Finally home
God… my friend is obsessed with teachers… i don’t know what’s up with him and teachers…

Anyways, i’m hungry af, and no one’s home. Great.


I’m running some errands for my mom right now. I feel tired and hungry… both something that I dont like feeling. Tired cuz i was movin from the morning, and hungry cuz I did not have any meal whatsoever.

I gotta wash but im pretty sure ill feel quite cold if i do…


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