Im at school, listening to some giberish about how were 12th graders and how we should act.

When does this end?


So… all the gibberish has ended. Actually, the second part where our vice-principle did not talk was actually quite nice and useful to hear. Our class teacher said instead of why we were to study, how we should study. So it was completelu useful.

Anyways, im at my new class, and seems like quite a bit of my old classmates are here. Nice!


I met my homeroom teacher. Seems like an average guy. Still, being a senior makes me feel like there’s a million butterflys in my stomache. And I do not like the fact that all the teachers tells us that the big test is not the biggest thing, but acts like it is the biggest thing in life.

They tell us about a few people for examples, and I get to wonder : what’s so bad with being a diver? Aren’t there only a small amount of people who do them and do they not pay well? Aren’t they always in need? At least in my country they are. Why do teachers disrespect them?

And, why do they always sound that going to a good college is the best thing when even better things can happen? Why?

That’s what I dont like about school. They always are stuck-up, and never gets their pace right with the current society.

Anyways, see u in a few hours?


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