Going to school. Hopefully i wont forget about this like the last few times.

I dont wanna go to school, but i got no where else to go…


School ended.
Done some mathwork and read a bit of book.

Why does every main character in the stories I read have to die or have serious illness?

Math went good though. Got every question right. Ha!


Just fixed my pair of headphones.
Not doing this shit again.


I’m at the headphone shop again. Looking at the AmPro20. It’s kind of pricy.


Going home.


At home now. Im tired…


Reading ‘champion’.

Why does all the characters in the books i read have tragic stories?


So I was on omegle and I met this ‘syd’ guy.

He’s a cool dude.

Im reading my book and chatting at the same time…


Still chatting with this american dude.

Apparantly he’s fasinated by asian cultures.

I’ll end today’s diary here. Maybe ill talk more about this tomorro


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