Why am I so exhausted?
I slept 7hours. I should be good!
Why am I so exhausted?

Btw, im going to school right now.


Im at school.
Studying english.


I met one of my teachers at school. She’s my english teacher.

She asked my grades.

I told her.

I got yelled at. She asked me if I was insane. If I was crazy. Cuz my english grades were shit compared to my own skills. Mind u, im korean, and english isnt my first language.

Guess ill have 2 work harder.

Pretty sure she yelled at me hoping that i will work harder.

Still hurt though


So schools over, and im near home.
I feel hungry.
I am asking one of my friend to go to the library with me for a few days now.

Of course as the stubborn guy he is, he is saying no over and over. I mean, im already stubborn as hell, but he’s even more than i am. Lol

But its quite fun pecking him by asking him to go to the library with me although i already know he’ll not come.


I just rage quitted angry birds dice.
Fuck you, developers! You suck!

I put $3 and about 4 full days into the game and all I got was a losing steak. I had good character, the 3rd best dice, and I kept losing. Fuck that game. Im not playing it. Erased my account, erased the game from my phone.

Fuck you, developers of the game!


So… i started to play war dragons again.
I played it in the past, but since I was a genious to not save the game in the cloud, I said fuck it and stopped playing it.

Now playing it again.

Btw, anyone who wants to play it can come here: https://dragons.app.link/WehxDtOLZA


I’ve been playing games and studying at the same time till now.

Gotta go to sleep now. So, see u tomorrow!


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