Going 2 skool.

Tired, but not exhausted like I was yesturday.

I got an interview with my homeroom teacher about my future college and stuff.

Hopefully it goes well.



I just had the interview.

My teacher told me to take the risk and take the big risk. Assuming ill try and get my social grades higher, im 75% right now. He told me that if I got up to 82%, i have a decent chance of getting in the college I want to.

That 7% could be achieved if I get 2 more questions in each test right.

Damn… ill have to study…

I also asked about some other majors, (i want to have an english major) and apparanty i cannot go to a university in my home city.

God help me.


Just finished moving all of my posts to WordPress.

Google blogger dosnt suck’t but the mobile access is near horrible. Although… now that I use the wordpress app, i cant feel the instantness of the google blogger app. Guess it’s a little bit to sacrifice to get a lot of access to my blog, eh?


So ive been playin games again.

I installed rise if berk, which is something i used to play when I was little, and played it.

In the past i joined in an event where a person gave us kike 200000 runes to each person. Now i think he hacked it. Lol

No worries. I do not care about this account any more. Nor am i gonna play this any more. Just erased it.

Now im playin cs go.

And my sister is pissed at me 4 taking over the computer. Sucks for her, i guess.

I like war dragons.

The only problem and the only advantage is that you have to put ur time in it.

So, naturally, as the good consumer I am, it tried to hax the game.

Of course did not work and I gave up.

Guess I shouldn’t have tried to hax the game but should have instead tried to look up farming rubies.

Anyway, i gotta get up early tomorrow. So, bye!


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