I git up at 8:30. I had 2 go to math class till 9:30. For some reason i decided to sleep more. Now im late.

Great. My teacher’s pissed.

Why did I do this?

So my math class is finished. Having lunch now. I posted about my lunch, so you’ll know what i ate.


Now im at the library.

I made the stupid mistake of napping. I slept for 3 hours straight, god damnit!

Anyways, im planning to only borrow 1 book cuz now skool starts and i dont have as much time.


Still at the library. Unlike my plan, i borrowed 2 books. Well, in my defence, one of them is pretty thin, so…

Anyways, i have 1 hour to read until the library closes for the day.


So im on my way 2 home now.

But im gonna visit the bookstore on the way. Hopefully they have a used book of ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’.


In the sub.

Damn, its crowded.


Still in the sub. A little bit less crowded, but still damn crowded.


Finally off the sub. Going home on bike now.


Just had dinner. Had some fried chicken. Forgot to take a pic of it though…

I’m so tired that I feel sleepy again… wtf…


Reading books while listening to music.

Life is good while you do this.


Doing something called ‘relaxing’.

Basically lying down with a PVC pipe behind your back.

Anyways, i think ima go to sleep after this, so… yeah. Bye for the day!


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