What I like so much about War Dragons

That’s my current island.

I first mention that this review is done soely by my will. I did not get sponcered or anything.

Well, to start it up, you guys will already know that Ima sucker for dragons as I posted a blog about it.
The best thing is, that it is very well balanced. The image I show you might make it look like I just started, but that’s not the case. I started it quite a long time ago, but forgot to cloud save my account and now Im doing it all over again.

Anyways, it is well balanced. You can’t just buy gems and level up high. There are almost no hax users. (At least i did not meet any. I tried, but failed. It’s that hard.) You have to play the game and put your time into it to level up high and get other’s respect.

The game is a real strategy. Each dragon has different skills and pros and cons. You can destory a few towers and leave the others on low health in order to gain rage for the next dragon. You can focus on either offence or defence and if you do it right, a lot of respect and scouts for the team will come to you. This is a real strategy game. And the way to gain, is to experience, which relates this reason to the first reason.

There are no assy players. Sure, you might confront with a person who says ‘she wants the ‘D ‘ all the time, but so far, all the people I met was just joking and was humorous. A lot of people are nice and are willing to give advice to you. Even if they attack you, they ask for permission first. (Assuming that they know you and you know them)

Sure, there are problems. The game, for some reason, takes up a lot of resource from your phone. I personally use a Galaxy S4, and I have to play with every option off except for destruction animation. For a village and strategy game, it sure takes up a lot of resource.

The game is buggy. As right now, some players like me are having trouble joining attacks or chats. But the developers are really cool. I sent an email, and the responce came within an hour with an apologize. So far, the best developers I have ever met. And if the problem is serious, like the server problem they had in the past, they apologize officially and make it up to you by their own ways. The last time they did it,they gave us like 1k gems, which is worth like $100. Cool!

Sure, its slow paced, time consuming, anf buggy, but so far it is the best game I have ever played. I strongly recommend this game to others, but as it takes up a lot of resource, I suggest playing this game with a charger in hand.

BTW, if you want to join, here’s the link:



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