Got up at 1pm. Actually got up at 7am and 9 am and 12:30, but 10pm is when i finally stood up from my bed.

Anyways, im going for a walk. I might or might not go to a headphone shop. Dunno.


Im waiting for a sub. Changed my plans and am going to some other headphone shop. A bit closer one.


In the sub right now.

A damn lot less crowded than yesturday. I have to ride this ride for ’bout 30 min, so it’s a good thing that the sub is less crowded.


So… there’s a bunch of girls in front of me, and apparantly they’re not from around here. Cuz they are raking pics of themselves in the sub and everything. Plus, they’re noisy as hell. Not that it disturbes me cuz the sub is already noisy.


Out of the sub. Going 2 the headphone store.


Im in the sub again.

A lot of bikes in the sub.

Anyways, the headphone store movedto another place and i did not know about it at all…

Guess ill have to search 4 it at home…


Near home now.

Just got a call from my friend. He asked me to go home together. Lol. Somehow lol. Anyways, said yes, and now gonna get off the train 1 station later.


Near home. At least, nearer.

Anyways, got another call from my friend. He told me to wait 4 him. My mind is saying no and yes at the same time. No cuz he’s so stuck up, and yes cuz Id rather be with him than walk alone. God, i hate my social skills in times like this. When I have to put up with my friend and have no choice.


Met with my friend. 


God… this guy does not know how to listen to others…

And I have to put up with him…


Im at a food court with ‘the friend’.

Eating something called ‘DonGas’


I am at home. Like really at home. Now.

My mind right now :


No joke really that. Facepalm.

Meeting my friend was not my best idea…


Till now i played games.

#wasting time


More playing games. So… i think today’s gonna end like this. Bye!


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