Been a few hours since I got up.

Someone broke the damn bike again.


Fucking bike!

What the fuck

Fuck this bike!

Fucking piece of shit!

Useless piece of crap!

How the fuck does this bike breakdown after i’ve ridden this not even 200m after repair? What the fuck?

What am I? A fucking repair man? Why the fuck am I always the one repairing shit after one of my family member broke it? What the fuck?

Fuck this shit! Im seriously pissed off right now. Im done with this shit! I am literally done with this shit!

Fuck this!


Home. Eating something helps with my anger issue. (It has a side effect of making me fat)


Playing some cs:go.

Im gonna sell all my skins this friday… the most missed skin ill have is the dragon tatto of glovk 18… maybe i should sell everything except that?


I feel like i cried.

Maybe it’s because I was so upset. I don’t know. The important thing is, i feel better. At least, a bit better. Hope this continues.


Just had some pills.

More info on the article I uploaded.


Tired. But I should not be tired.

Fuck all this.

Reading a book while the phone’s automatically playing the game.



Just gonna go to sleep.



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