Been a few hours since I got up.

My parents are away to visit my grandparents. In 3 hours i have math class. I still am doing homework.

Hope this goes well.


I have not yet done all my homework.

Who cares? Im just gonna go play cs go.


I got a drop from cs go!

My first galil! Yes! And it’s prob gonna get sold!

Anyways, im a bit late 4 math class.

Going right now.


Finished math class.

For some reason having another stomachache. Just great.


I just had dinner, and my parents just came back from my grandparents. My grandparents gave me $10, and now I’m on my way to put it in my bank account.

It’s about 20-30min walk to the bank, so…


At the bank.

I suddenely remembered my mom telling me if stuff dosent go as planned, i might have to consider going to a nearer mental hospital. Dunno which will be better for me. I know i cant force my schedule anymore, but at the same time I would like to go to a hospital that I knew. So… yeah. I have something to think about.




Just finished packing my bag for tommorow.

Damn, that’s a lot of stuff…


Right. So becuz I need 2 go 2 skool from tomorrow, Ima go 2 sleep now.


I promise this will be longer from tomorrow. Cuz skool starts and more exciting stuff will happen.


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