On my way to school.


Just arrived at school and put my stuff in the locker and stuff.

Hopefully my brother aint late 4 skool. Cuz its his first day and he started out later than me for school.

Anyways, hope my homeroom teacher is as kool as he was on the winter vacation.


The morning meeting with my homeroom teacher just ended.

He seems kinda kool, and kinda not.

Dunno yet.

Guess ill know more ’bout him as tome goes.


One of my friends told me that he’d seen my blog. Though facebook. Lol.


The sentence of the day.


4th calss just finished. 

3rd and 4th were both korean classes.

To be honest, both teachers looked boring af. And i dont even like korean!

God help me.


Just found my brother.

He’s at room 10-3

Apparantly he is not as enthusiastic as i am to meet him lol.



My homeroom teacher is demonstrating how important it is to study by urself instead of taking extra clasess very strongly. Not that I disagree with him, but what he’s saying is kind of excessive


Now he’s fucking disrespecting us. WTF.

He is disrespecting is who have low grades. What the fuck am I supposed to do when I only have the intelligence that is near a fucking dolphin? What The Fuck?

Isn’t my grades good enough? Im over half, and I’ve had grades that is getting higher. What The Hell Is This Teacher?


Just came home and now going back 2 skool. Gotta buy another textbook my skool told me to buy.

Also, got Wings Of Fire (WoF) instead of the book I borrowed from the library.


Fuck this night studying.

Im still at school, studying. Fuck being a senior. Fuck being a 12th grader. Fuck this school system.


Great. Now I have a headache. Just great.


Skool’s finished.


Now im gonna have to do this for 8 months more.

Cant wait till this all is done.


Y do I feel a bit dizzy?


Ok. Ima just oublish this now.

At home now, and Im tired.


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