New MacBook Vs Old MacBook

First of all, sry for no pic.

I type quite a bit, and the biggest priority I have is this blog, so naturally I look at the keyboard first, then the design and the weight and the power.

Well, im probably gonna get a console or a Gaming PC in the future, (most likely a console.) So I ignored the specs. As long as it’s over sandybridge, and has over 8gb of ram and has a good screen, (at least 2k. Sucker 4 dragons lol. Gotta have a high res dragon!) im happy.

So… the old MacBook?

It kinda had a heavy key, (as always) and it made me kind of hard to type long on it. But I could definetely smash on the keyboard, (at least it felt like) and it felt durable.

The new MacBook?

It defenetely had a good screen, (might be something called flashibo) and the keys were great, being light and easy to use, making it easier for me to type on it longer. But the key layout was something that I was not familiar with, and i kinda had a few typos. 

But the keyboard didnt feel durable. It felt like if I slammed hard on the keyboard, my finger would go through theykeys and go to the mainboard. I didnt feel relaxed using it, and if definetely felt fragile.

So… my choice?

Dunno. Depends on when Im buying it and if I have other plans.

So… thanks for reading this shitty article!


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