Going to school. Im probably not late today.


At skool.

Unpacked my bag and some other misclanious stuff.


Second class ended.

First class was a study time, so we got a class head. Fortunately, and to my happiness, he’s my friend. And a damn good leader as well.

2 more classes till lunch.


Just brushed my teeth after lunch.

Tired cuz I slept at 4am yesturday…

Gotta use this lunch break as a sleeping time today… im really tired.


Kind of uneventful. Heard a lecture about what I should do if I wanna go to a university. Apparantly my english teacher thought I went to a english speaking country.

Well, her snipe did not work for sure.

Though it kinda hurt my feelings, ill have to say that.


Waiting in line to get my food.

Im exhausted…


Had dinner. Came home to ask my mom her credit card to buy a few more textbooks. Going to the bookstore now. Then i gotta go back to school, and study at there till 10.


And? I got another math class.

Just great.

I’ll have to study till midnight.


I hate this country!


Fuck school. 

I just got out of school.

I aint gonna be spending my whole teenage in school! 

I got my math class start at 9:30 instead of 10:00. I wanna finish earlier.

Fuck school. Why the fuck should I spend all my teenage in trapped in school? What other country in the world has this kind of program?


Going to my math class.





Sorry for the short diary.

Ill try to make a longer one tomorrow.


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