At school.

I slepy early last night. Around 1:30 in the morning. Still tired as hell though.

Last class was social class. Next class is art class. Im kinda lookin’ forward to art class cuz Im coloring a dragon. (Yeah. A senior is coloring pictures at art class. Classic) The next class I hav after that is English, which I am not looking forward to. English is cool and all that, but the teacher… she’s not cool. She’s like the opposite of cool.

Anyways, l8ter!


Art class finished.

My drawing is turning into a disaster lol.


I am totally sleeping this lunch time.

Tired af…


Math class just finished.

Next class: umm… call it project class..? Anyways, yeah. Some class that we all split up.

There’s an asshole 2 classes away from me, and he frightens me on purpose. And he’s my past bully as well, so… yeah. Sucks. But im taking notes of all the acts he’s doing, so if he crosses the line, im reporting him. Either to the police or the head of the school.


Just finished solving some math questions. God… they’re hard and not hard at the same time… hard if i dont get the hang of it, ez if I get the hang of it…




Studying. In an hour I go home. Then math class. Estimated resting time : 11:45.

Fucking great.


WTF am I reading…

I was about to capture the page, but it had sexual scene, so… nope nope nopity nope. Not about to sensor my blog.

Fun, but a bit unsettling to read in school while solving questions and while being surrounded by like 20 of my classmates. (Although none of my classmates can understand english as i do)


Fuck. Softmusic coming out of my headphones. Fuck.

Although Im not someone who would be aroused in school or by books. Lol.

Still. Fuck. Weird as hell.


Home. Math class ended. Tired. Exhausted. Bye.


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