School. Tired.

Even from the morning i for some reason had a bleeding nose. Two days in a row. Not my favorite way of starting the day.


Just finished math class.

Damnit. I had to go out in front of the class and solve a question. But, one of my classmate did not come to school, and kinda screwed my whole plan. Then another friend asked me to exchange roles, further screwing my plans.

And you know what’s the best part? I didnt even get to go in front of the class! We ran out of time! God Damnit!

Anyways, 1 clas b4 lunch.

Hope lunch will be good.


Had lunch.

Brushed my teeth.

Time to sleep b4 5th class.



Got my grades.



Im studying at school.

Last hour b4 going home.

Tired. As. Hell.

God… im so sleeping in tomorrow…


On my way 2 home.

God… finally the day’s done…


Near midnight snack.


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