At school.

I brought my charger with me, cuz i need to watch some lessons with my phone, and found out that the charger is not working when it was working in then morning.

God damnit


Second class is done.

Im kinda tired and not at the same time.

Btw, my bleeding nose hasnt stopped. Bled again this morining.


A few classes past by.

Gym class:

I punched a sandbag. I punched it real hard. Now my hand is swollen. Great.

And im tired. Although that’s not a bad thing cuz im tired becuz of activities. Not like other days when im just exhausted 4 no reason.

Now it’s english class. Im tired. Hopefully it’ll not be as boring and enraging. (my teacher does too much fact terrors.)


Cleaning time @ school.

Fortunately, today school ends early and Ill be able 2 go home at around 6.


P.s. i m still tired.


Dinner. Looks good.




Finally my bleeding nose stopped.

God damnit. Now im even more exhausted.


Home. Math class over. Tired.

Near midnight snack.


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