Exhausted. My nose has been bleeding for the last week. Pretty sure i lost quite a bit of blood. Tired.


Slept about a third of the music class.

Still tired tho.


Math done. Feelin a bit better.

One hour till lunch. Hopefully itll be good.


I might or might not have dozed off during korean… Anyways, lunch.


Gym class. Gonna hit some more sandbag.


My hand’s swollen. Was not a good idea. Had fun, tho.


Done 2 presentation. Disaster. What makes it worse is, that I applied myself to the second one. It wasnt a requirement like the first one. And i’ve made a fool of myself. 


Apologized for it. For making a fool of myself and not doing my best. Kinda not my best. Thinking that my iq score is that around a dolphin’s im still a success so far, but i still took other’s opportunity for the second presentation. Yes, there was a competetion. There were 3 ppl including me. Ive made a fool of myself, and took other’s opportunity as well.

But I will not make a fool of myself. I will not feel ashamed. I will apologize. I will not put shame on me.


I hate japanese. Fuck japan. Fuck all of japan. Fuck ’em


My japanese teacher’s an ass.

Fuck her.


Still exhausted.

Study by urself time in school.

This is the second class. Only one more class excluding this one and i’ll be home.

Looking forward to it.


So true… and the offender dosent even pay for it…


Going home. Tired.


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