Going 2 skool.


Finished art class.

Just asked my friend if he had the japanese text book. Thankfully he did. Asked to if he can lend it to me tomorrow. Thankfully said yes. So far, so good.


English class finished. My teacher asked me what exactly i do not know. I toldher about it. That i had studied grammer, that I had it in somewhere in my head, but I just cant connect the dots. Apparantly she dosent know what i mean. Lol.


just finished korean landscape class.

Lunch time.



Lunch was… at the least great.

Just look at it! Rice, fish, cheese stick, kinchi, noodles, seaweed… all great stuff!


Math finished.

Gotta do quite a few things after dinner : 1. Send the harddisk I sold yesturday. 2. Get a refund for the book that I accidentally bought 2.




Asked my friend to plz give me money for breaking my laptop.


Not getting $70 anytime soon…


Got refund of the book I accidentally purchased.

Im stressed.

My friend broke my laptop a few months ago and still aint paying for it. And I value both my friend and my money. So I have to choose one. But I dont want to! I want him as my friend as well as get my money. How come ppl are so near sighted when it comes to money? Cant they see that it makes problems complicated once they dont return the money? Furthermore, i asked him of $70 when the fixing cost is $400.


Posted an article on the internet asking what I should do.

All of the replies told me that I should ask him more and if he did not give me, he would not be worthy of a friend. They all told me not to get entangled with money problems. Dunno… maybe I should go hard on him.


Working on the money problem.

And im tired, btw.


Going home. Exhausted.


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