A Dragon’s Life: Ch 1

So it was another day at school. He was almost late for school, but flying as fast as he could save him from that.

He lived pretty close to school with his parents. It’s just that, he loved being up late and he loved sleep. Oh, and it didnt help that his schedule ended at night.

He had an average life. He was like everyother dragon you would see every day. But today was different: it all happened this morning when…

‘Hey!’ My friend called. ‘Mind telling me how to solve this question?’

‘Aww… You just had to interrupt my daydream, didnt you?’ I said, looking at the grinning face of my friend.

‘Yup. Couldn’t resist.’ My friend said. ‘No, but in all seriousness, how do you solve this question?’ She asked. She was my friend, whom I’ve known from my… well, pretty much my whole life. Our parents lived next to eachother just by pure luck, and we hatched the same day as well. So naturally, we grew up together, blickered with eachother, fought, comforted eachother, and so on.

Everyone else called us couples and what not, but we both knew we were only friends. I mean, we knew we were only friends. I mean, we knew each other for a long time. It would be weird if we loved eachother, right?


‘Umm… well, from here to over there, that’s the example for the topic. And… from here to there, that’s the opposing example for the topic. You got it?’ I asked

‘Yeah. Kind of. So you mean… oh, I think I’ll get it.’

She had that attitude when she didnt know but didnt want to reveal it thanks to her pride.

‘Right. I’ll tell you more in depth. Get over here.’ I told Seath. So I told her all over again. Of course, I put a few jokes here and there, and she punched me in responce.

When I looked at the clock, I saw 3 hours has gone by. I was screwed. Well, kinda. My teacher understood when I didnt do my homework if I had a good excuse. But still…

‘Damn, look at the time. I’m screwed.’ I said. She also looked at it, and kinda freaked out.

‘Oh my god. My mom’s gonna kill me! She said she’s gonna rip off my wings if I was late again!’

I laughed. ‘Well, you don’t have additional classes like me, at least.’ I said.

‘Well, that’s ture, but it still dosent change the fact that my mom’s gonna kill me.’

‘Well, yeah, it’s kinda late, being 11pm and all. Better get going before your parents get weird ideas.’ I joked. In response, I got a smack in the face with her tail.

‘Hey!’ I exclaimed, but laughed at the same time. That ‘weird idea’ was a joke we made to eachother. We knew we were close, but not that close, so we joked about it.

‘You know you deserved it.’ She said, smiling. ‘Anyways, I gotta go.’ She said.

‘Wait a sec. I gotta go to my math class too.’ I said, packing my bag and slinging it over my back. Once I was done, We were in the air, heading in the same direction before departing in front of her house. My math class was a bit further down.

‘Bye’ I said with a small wave of my wing. She just wave her wing the tinist bit and headed home.

A few minutes later, I arrived at my math class.

‘You’re late by an hour’ said Kestal, who was my teacher, scoldingly.

‘I get he was habing some fun with his ‘Girlfriend.’’ Said my male friend, Obess.

‘Shut up.’ I said. ‘How many times do I have to tell you that we’re just friends? I exclaimed. ‘Besides, I was just teaching her a few things.’

‘Yeah, right. You keep saying that. I bet you two will be mates someday.’ He said, teasingly. I just ignored him and got my textbook out and started to study. This was going to be a long class.

Class ended, and it was midnight. I checked my phone, and noticed a few notifications. A few mails, and a message from Seath.

‘I almost got grounded. Thank god my parents know you ;)’ it read. I just replied with a smily emoji and closed my phone. I was exhausted. Time to go home.

I threw my bag in a corner, than sank into my bed. I connected my phone to my wifi and almost fell asleep watching a vid. A chat notification awoke me, and I grudgingly looked at who it was. It was Seath.

‘Y so simple reply? U dat tired?’ read the chat.

‘Yup. Totally exhausted. I was about to say. Then on second thought, I typed: ‘Sorry about the short reply. I was totally exhausted.’

The chat got read, then incame a reply. ‘Ok. Go to sleep then. See ya tomorrow!’

With that, I closed my phone and the world turned black.


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