A Dragon’s Life: Ch 2

Riiinnng! The alarm went off. I grudgingly opened my eyes and swore under my breath as usual. Another day’s worth of sleep ruined by the alarm.
‘Damnit’. I said as I opened the curtains. It was raining. And as much as I liked the rain, I hated the cold I got after being in the rain.

I called Seath, and asked if we could go to school together. I mean, I’m a gentle-dragon. I aint letting a lady get wet. Although being stubborn and all, Seath always got out of the shield of rain I created. BTW, we always joked about that as well.

Anyways, it was time to go to school. We couldn’t be late, being a senior and all. So we met up, and started to head off to school.

‘You OK today? You seemed pretty tired yesturday.’ Seath asked.

‘As usual. Always tired.’ I replied.

‘Thought so.’ She said with a triumph face.

‘Shut up.’

‘But I don’t want to. It’s my right to talk.’ She replied, making me groan.

‘Not this again…’ I said as she laughed.

We blickered until we got to school, which then we proceeded to go to class. (We were in the same class)

Classes went by uneventfully, which was normal. It was lunch time. I personally liked salmon, so I went to grab some, while Seath got some fruits and veges. She wasn’t much of a meat-eater.

‘Apples?’ Seath asked as she gave me one.

‘Thanks.’ I said. ‘Fruits and veges again? Doesn’t eating only that make you hungry? Try some salmon. They’re good.’ I told her, trying ti return the favor as usual.

‘Nope. You know I’m not much of a meat eater.’ She replied. Well, typical Seath.

‘Ok. Your loss, although I doubt you’re gonna count this as a loss.’ I said. She just smiled.

She smiled. This alone cheered me up from my tired state. Don’t get me wrong, I just like to see her happy. Her being happy makes me happy. Besides, I got an apple!

We finished lunch, then walked over to a window and watched the rain pour down. Rain always calmed me. But it also made me sleepy as well, which wasn’t helping. Still, I could use some cool air, so whatever.

‘You love the rain.’ Seath stated.

‘Yeah. It’s calming and cool.’ I replied.

‘Yeah…’ Seath just said.

We just looked into the rain, not having much to talk about.

The bell rang, waking me up from my slumber. Apparently I had fallen asleep while watching the rain.

‘Gotta go to class.’ Seath said, smiling. ‘You good to go?’

‘Yeah. Thanks for not waking me. I replied. ‘I feel a bit refreshed now.’

‘You looked like you can use some. Besides, I had to think about a few…things. By myself.’

‘What things?’ I asked as we walked down the hallway.

‘Meh. Not telling you. Nothing to worry about, though.’ She said.

It was math class. To me, math was an ass. Well, at least in the past it was. Now… well, it’s fairing better for me now. We were supposed to make a presentation about how to solve a specific question one by one.

So one of my classmates got up and started the presentation. Well, apparently he didn’t prepare for it cuz he sucked. I mean Sucked! The presentation wasn’t smooth, he just read the textbook, and he couldn’t even solve one of the questions!

But it went well for me. I got the question that I was supposed to solve solved, and it went butterly smooth. At least in my head, it was: never know how things are going to turn out when it’s time for my presentation.

Bell rung, 5th class was done. Yes! Only… 8 hours till home. ‘only’ cuz my school makes students study until 10pm… sucks…

-Dinner time-

‘So, what’cha gonna do after school?’ Seath asked.

‘Dunno. Sleep? Maybe counter strike? Definitely blog.’ I replied.

‘Typical you. So, your blog going well?’

‘Kinda. Better than my google blog, that’s for sure. Yours?’

‘Running good. Although I think I can do with more views. Still satisfied, though.’ She replied.

We both ran blogs, and both just started, getting around 5 views per day. Well, we both didn’t really care cuz we both just enjoyed running blogs anyway.

‘So, what are you planning on doing tomorrow? ‘ She asked, then quickly added ‘except for sleep.’ making me snicker. She knew me too well.

‘Apparently you know half of the plan so I’ll tell you the other half. I’m gonna…’ I was saying, but right then an emergency siren blared. That specific sound only meant one thing: the northerners were invading. War.


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