A Dragon’s Life: Ch3

We were told to get home as soon as possible. No longer did school matter. It was all life and death now. Although the war hasn’t still come to us, it probably wouldn’t be long till it does.

We rushed home, and departed right in front of our houses. Good thing we lived next to each other. When I went into the home, my parents were busily packing stuff up.

‘Just get your clothes and money and we’re off!’ My dad, Neon yelled. ‘Move!’

I flew up to my room and got my clothes and money. I could heat dragon’s wingbeats and bombs starting to fall. I could hear screaming and chaos. I could hear the war.

We were almost out of the house when something caught my eye. Seath’s house was gone!

I froze in spot.

‘No…No…No…’ I barely whispered. This couldn’t have just happened. This did not happen. My friend did not just get blasted by the enemy. No way. No fucking way.

‘Rebel!’ I heard someone yell. ‘Rebel!’

I slowly turned with anger in my eyes. My old self resurfaced. Anger was my shield. I’m not gonna let my emotions get the best of me. I’m not showing any weakness. I’m not… Is that Seath?

I ran over, and hugged her.

‘I thought you were dead.’ I almost yelled. ‘Whoever dropped the bomb, I’m hunting them down.’ I exclaimed.

‘Don’t.’ She just said.



‘What? Are you in your right mind? What?’ I exclaimed, angry and confused.

‘Don’t do it, you idiot. They were probably just following orders, and the punishment can wait. We have to get out of here. Besides, you would probably get yourself killed, and I ain’t letting that.’ She said. The most important thing right now is that we get to safety.’

I cooled down a bit. Somehow, she always clams me down. I looked around. There were dragons going everywhere. It was a real chaos.

‘Where do we go?’ I asked no one.

‘We go to the train tracks. We catch a train, we get the hell out of here.’ Seath’s dad, Day said.

We flew as fast as we could. There were bombs falling everywhere. Dragons with machine guns on their backs were shooting at civilians. There were dead dragons lying on the ground, their faces clear with horror and shock. I was a disaster.

After a lot of those horrors, and still more to come, we were at the train station. It was a even bigger chaos at the station. Dragons were trying to get on the train, while the army, for some reason, was picking off dragons and shoving them into another train.

We were almost all on the train, and I was the only one not in. As I started up the ramp, An army guy grabbed my wing and whirred me towards him. Shit.

‘How old are you?’ He yelled.

’19.’ I yelled back, then started up the ramp again, only that I didn’t. He didn’t let me go.,

‘You are to get into that train!’ Yelled the army guy, pulling me away from my family and friend.

‘Revel!’ Yelled Seath as she struggled to get through the sea of dragons and reach me. My family and Seath’s family tried to reach me as well, but their bulk blocked them from doing it.

‘What are you dong? Let go! Let him go!’ Seath yelled as she landed on the army chap. But before I can even move an inch, there was more army guys surrounding us.

‘What are you doing?’ ‘Hey! Get out of the way!’ We yelled. But the army guys wouldn’t budge. Instead, they pushed us away. Then something flew to me. An amulet. The one we both had. The one with our pictures in it.

I got the message. This might be the last time I saw her. I threw mine to her as well. We swore that we sould be best friends till the end. We would never forget each other and always have each other’s back. We ain’t letting that go.

The army chaps shoved me inside the train full of guys near my age. They shoved Seath back into the train I was about to get on.

I went near the window and opened it. I yelled my family member’s names. I yelled for everyone. I yelled for Seath.

They yelled for me.

They yelled my name. They yelled for me to get out. But I couldn’t The army was blocking the doorway. They tried to get to me. They couldn’t. The army was blocking the way. They yelled at me. But I couldn’t hear them anymore. The train was moving.

The train was moving.

Both train was moving.

Both train was moving, but in different directions.

I could see my family yelling at me. I could see Seath yelling at me. They were trying to call out to me.

I couldn’t hear them. Not anymore.

All I could hear and see was the train now.

The train got smaller and smaller as it headed in a different direction.

Now it was only a small dot.

I have lost them.


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