A Dragon’s Life: Ch4

I looked out the window. I didn’t know how much time had past. I processed what happened in the last few hours.

I probably lost my house.

I lost my family.

I lost Seath.

I pulled out my phone for the millionth time. It had no signal. Apparantly the northerners took down the communication tower.

The train was a mix of anger and sorrow and misery. There were guy with anger who were pulled away from their families and friends like me, guys with sorrow who lost a few family members or friends, and guys drowning in misery who lost their whole family and friends.

The one on my side was misery.

‘You ok?’ I asked, carefully. Although I was angry, well, semi angry, as anger was my shield, I didn’t think anger would do any good.

‘I lost my family.’ He said. ‘And everyone. The army took them away into another train and I heard that the train was bombed.’ He said, nearly crying.

‘I’m sorry.’ I said. Truth be told, I didn’t have much to say else than that.

He just sniffed with tears in his eyes.

I hugged him.

I realized what I was doing a second later. ‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize what I was doing.’ I stuttered.

He looked ay me with wide eyes. Then said ‘It’s ok. Thanks.’

‘So now you’re all alone? No one?’ I asked. I would not have rather asked, but he looked like he could use some talk.

‘So far, yes. I’ve heard from no one, and you know the cellphone’s down.’


There was an awkward silence between us.

‘Thanks for asking, though.’ He almost whispered.

‘I’m grateful.’ I replied.

A few hours past, with us talking occasionally. I found out that he had a sister, and her name was Delih. And his own was Olin.

He was living near the borders when the war broke out, so it was an even bigger chaos there. That meant more dead dragons, more wounded drsgons, and more of… war.

I truly felt sorry for this guy. What he went through, was something no dragon deserved. No dragon should go through what he went through. It just wasn’t right.

While we talked, we arrived at a station. There were tents and… guns?! What the..? Were we at the army?

‘Out!’ I heard an authority yell. We obeyed, knowing what would happen if we disobeyed.

‘You are all here to answer the nation’s call.’ A sergeant said, pacing in  front of us. Of course, none of us volunteered to come here, so there was an uproar. But it soon ended as the sergeant shot his pistol in the air.

‘Shut up!’ He yelled. ‘Anyone who talks will be shot! He who fights will meet glory. He who cowards will meet shame. Who would you be?!’

I thought of all the dead faces. I thought of my family. I thought of Seath.

My anger returned. Actually, it was already there, but it got more fierce.

‘I will meet glory.’ I said, stepping up. ‘Who’s with me?’

‘I am.’ Olin said

‘Who else?’

A lot more dragons volunteered. The miserables and sorrows turned angry. The angry turned furious. We were fueled by anger.

We all got assigned to the same squad. We learnt how to use firearms. Together. We marched. Together. We sparred. Together. We were one.

Then came the day we were deployed.

We were all hauled into the bed of the truck. We were carried off to the field. We have met the war. We have met the bullets.

‘MG in the bunker!’ A comrade yelled, ducking.

‘Move!’ Yelled the driver. ‘Go Go Go Go Go!’

Bullets rained from the sky. Bullets shot the driver, killing him. Bullets shot my comrades, wounding or killing them.

I ran. Me and my comrades ran towards the trench. My comrades fell to my left and right. Bullets whizzed over my head.

I reached the trench and slid down it. One by one, my comrades came as well. I counted. We lost 5 dragons.

‘You all ok?’ I called out to the survivors. I was the leader of our squad. It was my responsibility for my comrades to be all safe.

‘Yes sir!’ ‘Yes sir!’ ‘Yes sir!’ ‘Yes sir!’… It went on. Thankfully, except for 5 deaths, no one was wounded.

Bullets were still whizzing over my head, and it was killing off my comrades. I needed to stop it.

‘Where is the MG?’ I yelled/asked.

‘2 o’clock, sir!’ I heard.

I pulled the pin off a grenade, peeked, and threw.

Bull’s eye. The grenade went straight into the gap in the bunker and exploded, stopping the MG fire and raining blood.

It filled me with satisfaction, but at the same time, something stirred inside of me. Something was wrong. But I had no time for it. It was a live or die situation.

‘Forward! Go!’ I yelled, as I took the lead. My squad members followed me, and I swung around the MG, and started to shoot at the remaining dragons in the bunker.

They screamed. They yelled. Blood sputtered everywhere.

And this again, filled me with satisfaction. The satisfaction of keeping my comrades alive and safe. But something wasn’t right. I ignored it again.

The other squads were forcing their way up as well. We were winning this battle.

But then a grenade rolled under my feet.

I heard yelling. I heard someone calling my name. I ran. I ran as fast as I could away from it, as I hoped it wouldn’t explode.

But it did, and the world turned black.


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