04.06.17 (Thu)


Im late. I dont care. I have to be at school till 8:10, but since I clearly am not in school right now, I say fuck it.


Just had lunch.

Gotta get to the peer teacher meeting…i signed for english, so… yeah. Kinda regretting it right now tho.


Apparantly the time changed. So i did not participate in the meeting.

My friends tell me not to smoke. Lol.


Purchased a pack of cigarattes from my friend. Hopefully it goes well..?

(As always, tired)


Regular schedule done.

So… a few hours of studying time left.


With my other friend. I went home to get a lighter. Thankfully, I have a friend who says no to smoking.


Im grateful to have a friend who really dislikes smoking. My other friends… say yes to smoking. Lol.


Exhausted. Finally caught myself from dozing off again.


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