Life of a Lone Wolf (2)

So… this is a follow up to my Life of a Lone wolf. I’m still a lone person who prefers the quiet and tidy atmosphere.

As I said before, you feel lonely. I’m feeling more and more lonely these days in particular.

I want a companion, a pack, but because I was a lone wolf (or a lone guy) for so long, I feel kinda awkward around others. Not that I don’t like others, but the atmosphere feels still cuz I really don’t talk that much. It still feels stiff even if I try to make it not stiff.

Yeah, you never get disturbed from what you’re doing, but being lonely…I’ll say it straight forward. It kinda sucks. Even more if you’re a senior in school. You never know if you’re gonna get another chance to make any friends after this year.

Sure, you don’t get in trouble, cuz you’re a lone wolf, but still… it sucks. Even after you’ve been one for a lifetime.


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