Review of LG’s 2 port 2 amp charger

So, this is the charger I’m about to review.

It’s $9, which is basically cheap as hell if you consider that it’s a 2 port 2 amp charger.

All the components it has are those two in the pic, which is good enough.

This is the charger I was using.

An ipad charger.

It’s kinda broken, cuz the charging speed is slower than a 1 amp charger.

So, the test. I started at 69%. See how long it takes to charge fully.

The old charger drained battery even if the phone was plugged in, so even if it did not charge fast, it was a win for me.

But I had my hopes.

I tested it while gaming, and hey! It works! You see the 77% on the top? Yes, it’s charging! While gaming!

Already a win for me, cuz my old one did not. But, how fast?

About 35 min later with quite a bit of gaming, the phone reached 94%. So I reckon it’ll reach full in about 10 min.

I am extremely pleased, cuz the whole test was done with not charging 1 phone, but 2, one which is the Galaxy S4 LTE A I’m writing with, and my flip phone, which apparantly supports fast charging.

The results are more than what I expected. For 9 bucks, the build quality is good, and the charging speed is great.

I am very happy with this purchase.
※this review was done by my own. I did not get paid.


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