A Dragon’s Life: Ch7

‘Go Go Go!’ I yelled.

Machine gun fired over my head. Grenades exploded around me. Sragons fell to my left and right with wounds dying or dead. Tanks returned fire. Artilleries shot at the bunkers where the enemies were, but the bunker was too strong.

We were on a mission to go infiltrate the bunker and eliminate the enemies.

Basically a suicide mission.

I reached the trench. My squadmates followed. A few more trenches, and we’ll be at the door.

‘Everyone still ok?’ I yelled, and got a few nods as an answer. ‘Good. Everyone, down and move fast! We all want you to live!’ I yelled, and got out of the trench and ran towards the next trench.

Same thing repeated a few times, and we were at the door. I held the right side of the door as one of my squad member held the left.

‘One Two Three’ I counted with my talon, carefully opened the door, threw in a flashbang. The flashbang exploded, and we rushed in, with me in the lead, shooting at the dazed dragons with our rifles. They fell with agonized and confused screams. I ended their misery by putting a bullet through each one’s head. Blood spurted out, and they lied in their own blood.

Something twisted in my stomache.

I ignored it.

I turned a corner, and was immediately met by a rain of bullets. I immediately ducked, and dug out a grenade from my pocket. I pulled the pin, and threw it around the corner. A few seconds past, and it exploded, raining blood everywhere.

I looked in and immediately turned my head. Blood covered the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. Everywhere were the pieces of flesh, but no sign of a dragon anywhere.

Apparently he’s been blown to pieces.

My stomach turned.

I tried to ignore it.

I couldn’t.

I turned. I tried to walk away. I couldn’t. I couldn’t ignore the feeling anymore. Something was wrong.

No. Not something. Everything.

Why were we fighting? What were we fighting for? What did we gain?

Why couldn’t we just… you know, talk?

‘Stop!’ I yelled. ‘Everyone, stop!’

Everyone stopped and looked at me with surprised eyes.

‘What do we gain? Why do we fight? Why? Who do we benefit? We all kill or get killed. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can just talk it out!’ I said to both sides. Both to the remaining enemy soldiers and my squad. They looked even more surprised.

I moved over to an injured enemy. I got out my first aid kit and pulled out some bandages, warped it around his bullet wound on his leg. He looked at me with even wider eyes. I said a quick, silent apology to him.

‘Look. We can help each other. We don’t have to fight. What are we fighting for? At the end, we are all wounded. Wounded both physically and emotionally. So, who not stop?’ I asked to all.

Both sides looked at each other dubiously. The war had gone long enough, and we had both lost our loved ones. We were both already wounded, in one way or another.

So why were we fighting?

‘Is this our war?’ I asked, to all. ‘Do we gain anything, except for death and sorrow? No! You!’ I said, pointing to a random northerner. ‘Why do you fight?’ I asked.

‘Me…Me?’ He asked, uncertain. ‘For…For glory?’

‘And so far, did you gain any glory? Have everyone else patted your back and said ‘Good job killing ‘em, lad’?’ I asked.

He looked down at the floor as he said ‘No’.

‘So what are we fighting for?’ I asked, to all again.

No one answered.

‘Let’s all stop.’ I stated. ‘Are we cool?’ I asked.

‘But why?’ One of my squad mates asked. ‘Why? We could still complete the mission right now. ‘We’ could be glorious. ‘We’ could be victorious. ‘We’ could win!’ He almost yelled, with anger in his voice. ‘So answer me, Rebel. Why? Why the change? Why do you suddenly care?’

‘Because they have a family. We all have a family. And I know how it feels like to lose family members. I know that a lot already did lose, either by us, or them. I don’t want any more sad families. I don’t want any more dead dragons. I don’t want any all… this.’ I pointed around the room.


‘So who’s with me? Who wants the war to be stopped? ‘ I asked around the room.

At first, no one volunteered. So I turned around and started towards the exit, then a voice whispered: ‘I’m with you.’

It was a northerner. He was a kid. ‘I… I don’t want this anymore. Not anymore. I want this to be stopped. I keep having nightmares. I want this war to be stopped.’ He whispered.

‘Good. The nightmares are nothing to be ashamed of. Only a sick dragon would enjoy the sight of killing and killed. You are a very brave dragon. Anyone else?’

One by one, everyone else volunteered.

We were not with any side anymore.

We were out own army, and we were going to stop the war.


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