A Dragon’s Life: Ch8

I had convinced the others to stop fighting, but I didn’t really have a plan. Actually, I did, but it was a suicide. So the first thing I did was to lead them all away from the battlefield. Or… as far as I could from it.

‘Boom!’ The building shook as a rocket hit. Debris fell through the broken window. We were out of the main battlefield, but by no means were actually out of it. We were hiding in a building for cover for the day. We moved around at night, using the darkness for cover.

‘So, what’s the plan, Rebel?’ Olin asked. ‘We’ve been on the run for days, and we didn’t just volunteer to save our necks, you know.’

‘Well, I’ve been thinking. You know they day that if you want to win, you should attack from the inside?’

‘No.’ He said in disbelief.

‘Yes. That’s what I’m thinking.’ I said.

‘No way. They’ll accuse you for treason and arrest you or kill you!’ Olin exclaimed.

I looked around, and saw that everyone else was listening.

‘But what choice do we have? If we go to the frontline, and convince them, or at least try to, do you think they’ll listen? With their enemy shooting at them?’ I asked.

‘But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a suicide mission.’

‘Ok, then.’ I said. I looked around to all my squad, the old and the new, and said : ‘Anyone else have any better ideas? I’m open to suggestions.’

No one spoke.

Then that same kid who spoke up said: ‘As much as your plan is suicidal, I think it’s a good idea. So, where do we start?’

I thought for a bit, and said: ‘We go back to the war. We return to each one’s army. We talk to our comrades and persuade them to stop fighting. If we succeed and get enough dragons to stop, we might be able to stop the war.

Another silence followed as everyone else took it in.

‘Ok. So when do we start? It’s not too bad of a plan.’ The kid said.

‘We’ll need to spread out first. If we get caught, we can’t risk us all getting caught in one place or this mission will be a fail. I’m going back to the place we were. Askaliv. You guys decide where you will go and we’ll meet for the last tonight. Anymore questions? No? Dismissed.’ I said.

As I started towards the exit to plan my way back, Olin stopped me. ‘You really want to die, don’t you? Askaliv is the center of the war, where hundreds of dragons die everyday. You know that because we were just there! Why do you want to go there?’ He demanded.

‘Because someone has to, and as a leader, I’m going. I led you all to this path. This path which both sides see as treachery. It only makes sense if I take the biggest responsibility. Besides, I got no one left.’ I said as I thought ‘except for Seath.’ In the back of my head.

Olin seemed reluctant, but said: ‘Ok. Good luck.’

I got out of the room and went into another. The building was a mess and it was easy to find an empty room as everyone had evacuated out of the area in a hurry.

I sat down and made up my mind. I just declared I was going back to Askaliv. The place where then winner changed every 30 minutes. The place where hundreds died everyday.

But I had to. I was the leader. I had to take my responsibility.

I pulled out my phone and turned it on. It said no signal, but thankfully this building had communication wires installed. I plugged in my phone, and hovered my claw on Seath’s number.

Should I?

Meh, fuck it. She’s the only one left. She deserves to know. What’s the worst that could happen?

I pressed the number, and the signal went. A few buzzes, and Seath picked up.


‘Hey. I just wanted to talk.’ I said, which was kind of a lie.

‘Have you made up your mind?’ Seath asked, hopefully.

I sighed. I was dreading this. ‘No. Not yet. But I can tell you how I feel. Annoyed, happy, confused, angry, and love. I don’t know what love it is, though. If it’s from friendship or actual love. Please don’t freak out and hang up on me again-I’m out of the army.’

There was a happy squeal that made my heart drop. ‘So does that mean I can see you again?’ She asked, happily. ‘You’re not hurt, are you?’

‘Umm… Seath… I’m not hurt, but I don’t think I’m going to see you in the near future. I’m going to stop the war.’ I said, but not regretfully. ‘I just can’t let all these dragons die. I’m sorry, Seath.’


‘So, where are you?’ Seath asked.

‘Out of Askaliv. But I’m heading there again. I’m going to try persuade dragons to stop fighting. If this works, there will be no more war.’

‘What? To Askaliv? Are you crazy?’

‘I’ve heard that multiple times, but I’m not changing my destination. So, please, don’t even start.’

‘Ok…please, don’t die…’ Seath said as she surprisingly backed off, but still unhappily. ‘I don’t want to lose you…’

‘I’ll try my best. Thanks, Seath, for understanding. I know it’s hard. So, thanks.’

‘Just don’t die, Please.’

‘I’ll try.’


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