A Dragon’s Life: Ch9

Machine gun fired. Rifles answered back. Artilleries fired. Tanks answered.

I was near Askaliv. It took a few days to come back. I was alone, which was expected. I was currently in a deserted trench, eating my last pack of dried meat.

‘So what do I do?’ I thought to myself. ‘I arrived here, but I cant exactly just waltz in and scream ‘Stop!’. So what do I do?’

I thought, and tried to come up with a plan. In the end, I did, but it wasn’t the best idea I ever had.

I’ll have to sneak in. I knew a few guys, and would start with them.

Time passed, and it became night. Time to start moving again.

I got out of the trench, and crawled slowly with my belly on the ground. Flying wasn’t an option unless you wanted to get shot. As I crawled, I started to see the familiar sight of the battlefield. Dead dragons lying on the ground, rifles with no owners everywhere, and pits made by grenades here and there.

The sight made mu stomach turn. To think some of them were killed by me or my men… I truly felt sorry for the dead’s families. I would apologize to them as soon as I succeeded and stopped the war.

I saw the bunker of our side. Time to act normal.

I stood up, and walked towards the door, opened it, and casually walked by the guards, hoping that they won’t notice and alert the others. Thankfully, they didn’t.

I walked by, and went straight into the resting area. I looked for the guy I knew, and found him. He was getting ready for sleep.

‘Hey. Mind if I talk to you for a second?’ I asked.

‘No. Why? Wait a second?! Didn’t your squad get wiped out? How are you still alive?’ He exclaimed.

‘Shhhh!’ I shushed him. ‘You’re gonna alert everyone! And no, we didn’t get wiped out. But that’s besides the point. Do you want the war stopped?’

‘What kind of question is that? Of course I want it stopped! Do you think I like risking my life everyday for a pointless war?’

‘So why not stop yourself?’

He looked confused for a second, then shot back: ‘While they’re still shooting at us? Do don’t want to die, man!’

‘No. You won’t. Just get out of the army. All you’re going to do while in the army is fight. I and my squad, and some northerners have already left the army.’

‘What? Did you just say ‘some northerners’? Did you interact with them? You know that’s treachery, man! Are you out of your mind?’

‘No. I’m sick of this war. Apparently, the northerners are sick of it as much as we are. That’s why we left. We don’t want the war anymore. All we do is kill each other for no good reason, and get killed someday. So, what about you? Will you join us?’

There was a silence, then he replied.


‘Good. Are there anyone else you’d like to convince? I’m taking as much guys as possible from the army.’

‘But won’t that be dangerous? Not only will the generals notice, but it’ll also be aiding the enemy, you know.’

‘As for your first concern, who cares about the generals? Do they fight? No. They only order around, and stay back in their own bunkers, and watch us fight. They are cowards, and I don’t give a crap about what they think. And for your second concern, No, it wont be aiding the northerners cuz I got some dudes doing the same thing as I am on the other side.

‘Ok, then. So, what’s the plan?’

I thought for a bit, then said: ‘For now, let’s focus on recruiting dragons. If we get enough dragons against the war, we might be able to stop it. So, it’s your call. Who do you want to convince, or do you want to go on a run right now?’

He thought for a second, then replied: ‘I know a few guys. I might want to start recruiting with them.’

‘Ok. Umm… Do you want me to follow and help?’

‘No. No need to take the risk yourself. I’ll try to convince them. It’s more likely to take a few days to contact all of them. How many can you handle?’

‘Probably as much as you can recruit. But we don’t have a lot of resources, and as they can’t exactly go home now, because that’ll be the first place the army would search, they’ll need to bring their own resources, like food and stuff.’

‘Got it. So I’ll meet you in..?’

‘5 days. You know the abandoned bunker of Kalise?’


‘I’ll be around there. Probably in the trenches. Since it’ll be hard to miss any dragons walking around in that giant graveyard, I’ll find you.’

‘Ok. You going back out?’

‘Yes. After getting some combat meal and stuff from the armory, though.’

‘Good luck, then. I’ll meet you in 5 days.’

‘Thanks. Have some good luck as well. You’ll need it. God be with you.’

And with that, I turned and walked out of the room.

I went straight for the armory, and searched for some combat meal. After some shuffling around, I found them and put some in my army bag. I also got some ammo for my gun, and some spare magazines. Although I was now against violence, you never know when you’ll be needing them. I got some spare knives, and finally a whole crate of bottled water and dried meat as well. The army bag and the duffel bag next to it looked bulky, but thankfully I still had my ID, so I easily went past the security by lying to them that I was deployed to a different location.

Now, to Kalise.


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