A Dragon’s Life: Ch11


So I did confess my love for Seath. Well, more like was forced to. I love her, and as I told Seath, I did think thoroughly about our relationship and where it was heading. So I didn’t really regret anything. Right now, it feels like when you’ve gotten rid of a huge problematic rash.

At the moment, I was in an abandoned trench at Kalise. I was waiting for the guy and the comrades he promised. Today was the 5th day, and it was near midnight. They should be arriving anytime soon.

I heard wingbeats. I heard voices. ‘You sure this is the place? He’s nowhere to be seen! What if it’s a trap?’ Someone said.

‘I’m sure it’s here! It cant be a trap, cuz I know the guy! Now shut up and be patient till he shows up. He might be being cautious.’

I must have fallen asleep. I quickly flew up and greeted them, apologizing for not coming sooner. They eyed me warily, so I introduced myself first.

‘So, I’m Rebel. And no, that’s my name. Good to see you all. Hope you’re sure to leave the army and rebel against the war.’ I said.

One of them looked at me with a surprised expression.

‘Rebel? Aren’t you one of the leaders of the squads?’ He asked.

‘Yes. Yes I am. Me and my squad mates were on a mission, but apparently the northerners are as sick of this war as we are. So we decided a truce, and stop the war. And now we’re here. Me trying to get more out of the army and the northerners and my squad doing the same.’ I answered. ‘So, is this all? 6 guys?’

‘Yeah. I tried to bring more, but all the others chickened out. Sorry.’ The guy I knew said.

‘No, no. No need to feel sorry. 6 guys is more than what I expected.’ I said. I then went back into the trench and got my army bag and my army duffel bag.

‘You got a base?’ asked one of the guys.

‘No. Don’t need one. Why?’

‘Cuz we got nowhere to go.’

‘Well, use one of the bunkers or the trenches. We won’t need a base as we deploy separately the very next day.’ I replied.

Quite a bit of murmur went through the 6 dragons.

‘If anyone wants to go back, you can. I wont be pressing you to stay.’ I said, looking at the faces of each dragon. ‘I hope you didn’t come here looking for luxury while other dragons are dying.

‘Should we go?’ One of the dragons asked to the guy I knew.

‘You go if you want. I’m staying. I’d rather die savin’ other’s lives than taking others’.’ He said. Thankfully I had at least one more dragon who had his mind set.

The other dragon thought for a minute, then said: ‘well, I’m counting on you. I’m staying.’

The left dragons were still thinking except for the guy who asked me if I was the squad leader earlier on. He seemed like he had his mind set as well. Well, that made two more requites.

‘Ok. Everyone, we depart for today. Try to get some sleep, and plan on where you’ll be going. If you want to leave, you can tomorrow. The next meeting will be at 9am tomorrow right here. Good planning, and good night. If you have any more questions, come see me at that trench. Dismissed.’ I said, and flew down into the trench. The others shuffled around unsurely, then all went into another trench.

‘Well, time to get some sleep.’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ll plan tomorrow at dawn.’

And with that, unconsciousness surrounded me.

It was indeed dawn when I opened my eyes. As much as I loved to sleep, I couldn’t when other dragons were dying and war was right in my back. I went straight into planning.

‘Ok… so the northerners’ leader and Olin went to Talice… and my squad mates have gone to Lake Casliy… the other northerners have gone to their oen bases… So I think that leaves our side’s bases?’ I said to myself, looking at the map.

‘Hmm…where to go…I said as the guy I knew flew down into the trench.

‘Thank god you’re up. Two dragons have abandoned us!’ He yelled. ‘What do we do?’

‘Well, let them go. They’ll not be much help if their mind is not focused on stopping the war.’ I replied calmly.

‘No, No! I’m not talking about that! What if they sell us out to save their necks?’ He yelled.

‘Shit!’ I yelled. I didn’t think of that. ‘Ok. Gather everyone up right now. It’s an emergency. We might be wanted now!’ I said, as I was packing up my bag in a hurry.

In 5 minutes they were all gathered up and were explained hurriedly of the situation. Some of them swore loudly and some of them got nervous.

‘Anyone who wants to go back could go. I’m not stopping you. Anyone who stays, I take it as you’re willing to take the risk of all the danger that follows.’ I said.

Kinda thankfully, no one left.

‘No one’s going to leave? Good. Now tell me where each of you or the group of you will go, and let’s get the hell out of here!’ I said. The guy I knew and 2 others decided to go to Beliv, and the left one said they’d go to Lakes Casliy and aid my squad mates. He was the guy who asked if I was the leader.

They all departed, and I was the only in Kalise. I quickly decided that I would go to Seath and see if she and her family were safe.


New feelings and old feelings mixed, and filled me with energy.

I would finally go see her.


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