A Dragon’s Life: Ch12


So far, the protest has been going well. I started with my past coworkers, and they persuaded their friends to take part in the protest. We did meet a few difficulties: some dragons pointed at ys and shouted we are traitors, and we were often met by the army police and had to scramble. But, more people supported the protest, and it was getting bigger and bigger as well as worth it every day.

‘Killing will only bring more killing! This has to stop!’ I yelled to the crowd that has assembled. ‘Now who’s with me?’ A roar of ‘Us!’ thundered over my ears. I smiled as I took the front and started to march with plank cards held in my front paws. The others followed. Some with plank cards, some with cardboards. All saying the same thing: ‘Stop the war!’ Some also said ‘Release the innocent!’ because the army police had arrested some of the protesters.

We marched around the city hall, in front of the army, and in front of the police station and the jail.

Just another day of normal protest.

Some time later, the protest was done, and dragons scattered to go to their own homes. I started to go home as well.


It’s been almost a week since I got out of Kalice. I was at Rela at the moment, the place where we meant to go before we got separated. Hopefully Seath and her family didn’t move away from here.

I heard some noises. Curious, I looked at the general direction and flew.

There were dragons protesting about something. I looked closer, and saw one of the sigh say: ‘Stop the war!’ Another said: ‘Release the innocent!’ and the rows of dragons protesting didn’t seem to end.

I flew over to the tail of protesters, and when they finally started to disassemble, I pulled one to the side and asked what this was all about.

He sneered and said: ‘I aint telling you shit, officer! I’m not the only one wanting this war to end.’

I blinked, confused, and asked him: ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Don’t play dumb with me! I know you’re an army chap, and I’m not going to spill any info on the protest!’

‘Again, what are you talking about?’ I asked. ‘I don’t get it. What are you talking about? Why are you saying you’re not going to spill any information? Did dragons die or something?’

He started to speak, but a few other dragons landed beside me at the same time.

‘Well done, chap! Is this one of the protesters?’ An unknown guy in a army officer shit asked.

‘Why?’ I asked, not answering the question.

‘Answer me, soldier!’ He said pressurizingly. ‘Is this a protester or not?’

‘I’m not telling you till you tell me what’s going on.’ I said. The guy I pulled to the side looked confused while the unknown guy looked frustrated.

‘Don’t you remember the orders? Who’s your commander? I must speak to him about your attitude.’ The unknown guy said.

‘What order?’

‘The order to arrest protesters, damnit! Now, who’s your commander? And you!’ He said to one of his soldiers. ‘Arrest him.’ He pointed towards the guy I pulled away.

The soldier started to walk toward him with handcuffs. I knew something was wrong. I put myself between the soldier and the guy and said: ‘Nope. You are not arresting him. Not until you tell me the cause.’

‘I told you, soldier! That arresting is an order!’

‘What order? What are you talking about?’

‘The order to arrest protesters no questions asked!’ He yelled at my face. I was starting to get angry. Actually, I was starting to get angry quite a bit of time ago, from the point where I was confused, but I was stopping myself. I didn’t know if I could hold a lot longer, though. ‘Don’t you know your drills, dumbass? How the hell are you in the army?’ he yelled at my face.

‘Ok. That’s enough. I said, fuming, and pulled out my .45 pistol, and aimed it at his head. He looked stunned, the quickly yelled: ‘You’ll regret this, soldier!’ And in an instant I was surrounded by his men, with rifles aimed at me.

‘Put down your weapon and surrender! You’re under custody for treason!’ The apparently officer guy yelled.

I slowly put down my gun, and acted like I surrendered. Little did they know I had a trick up my sleeve. As soon as the gun touched the ground, I grabbed it again and whirled behind the officer and held him as a hostage with my gun against his head.

‘Now, where were we?’ I asked. ‘Oh, yeah. Before I was so rudely yelled at, I was asking what the order was. Now, care to tell me more nicely? Or shall I blow your head off and ask another dragon?’

The guy sweated under my grip, and truth be told, I probably couldn’t have done this a year ago. Being at the front line hardened me as well as taught me some skills. The officer told me that they had orders to attest protesters, cuz the army didn’t want it, claiming that it’ll disrupt the nation and make them lose the war.

Basically a bunch of bullshit.

I held the guy as a hostage till the guy ordered his soldiers and the others backed off.

What a dishonorable dragon he was. If he really believed in the nation, he should have ordered his soldiers to shoot me no matter the cost. Apparently this nation and war was even more rotten than I thought it was.

Another reason to stop the war. One of the many reasons to cleanse this nation.

I knocked out the guy with the butt of my gun and flew towards the guy I pulled away earlier. He flinched and backed away from me.

‘What do you want? I already told you I’m not going to tell you about the protest. And who are you?’

‘I’m not with the army. You’ve seen me attack that guy. Please, tell me about the protest. I’m against the war myself. Who’s the leader? Maybe we can work together. I’m the leader of the rebels against the army.’

‘You mean you’re the ‘Rebel?’ He exclaimed. ‘The boyfriend of Seath?’

‘Yeah. How do you know her? And how do you know me? Did others do anything to Seath? Cuz im going to kill anyone who did it.’ I said with a growl. I needed to know if anything happened to Seath.

‘No No! Seath’s the leader! Come! I’ll take you to her house!’ he said in a excited fashion.

‘Seath? Seath’s the leader?’ I exclaimed, and hurried after him.

I was finally going to meet Seath.


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