A Dragon’s Life: Ch13


‘Another day of protest?’ Mom asked.

‘Yeah.’ I said, as I slumped down on the couch.

‘Be careful, dear. I fear you might get arrested one day. Not that I am against your act, but remember that I am your mom and I care for you.’

‘Ok, ok. You know we had this talk a million times. I’ll be careful.’ I replied, but not impatiently or dismissively.

Then there was a knock at the door.

My mom and dad immediately went into the basement while I went up into the attic. We were weary of any dragons looking for us because of my act of leading the protesters.

On the attic, I poked through a hole in the wall and looked at who it was. I couldn’t see anyone because of the angle, thought that meant that it wasn’t a big party. But I still heard ‘You sure this is the place?’ and ‘Yeah. I’m sure. She is here. Just wait a second.’ I thought I knew the voice, but I couldn’t just whose it was.

After thinking quickly, I decided to take the chance and peek through the window. We could always use the emergency escape route under our house.

If there were no dragons at the exit, that is.

I held my breath, looked through the closed blinds, and saw… what? Is that Rebel? How is he here? I flew down to the first floor and yanked opened the door.

There, in front of me, stood Rebel with a .45 pistol aimed at my head.


The door didn’t open for quite a bit of time. I was getting more and more weary every second. Had I stepped on a trap? Was she captured and carried off by the army? What if this guy led me to the wrong house? What if..?

There was movement up on the attic window. But when I looked at it, it was too late. The only thing moving was the closed blinds. Then there were noises inside the house.

Someone had definitely just seen me, and someone was in there.

Now, I was full on alert. My claws went to my .45 without the guy next to me noticing, and I readied myself to aim at the new individual’s head regardless of whoever it was.

The door flung open, and in an instant my pistol was aimed at the individual’s head, my fingers inches away from pulling the trigger.

It was Seath.

I froze with my gun still aimed at her head. Then I slowly lowered my gun, and walked towards her.

She was so different.

Her wings were bigger. Her horns got more elegant. Her claws got more sharper and longer, as a mature female’s would. Her body got curvy, and her teeth got sharper and whiter.

She didn’t look like the playful Seath I knew anymore. She grew. She was more mature. She looked more serious. Even through her surprised pose, she looked more… beautiful.

I put my .45 into the holster and walked up to her, and hugger her. She relaxed and hugged me back.

Then she stepped back and looked at me. I could feel her eyes scanning me. The she said: ‘I missed you.’

I was still awestruck, but said: ‘I missed you too.’

‘Come. Let’s talk inside.’ She said, as she grabbed my claw and pulled me inside. The guy turned and started to go away and I said my thanks. He turned and waved his claw.

The door closed behind us, and we were now inside the house.

‘You look… different.’ Seath said, shyly.

‘You as well.’ I replied with equal shyness. Never did I think that I would be attracted to Seath, but here I was, attracted to her. Sure, we did confess our love to each other, but that was before we saw each other face-to-face.

‘Seath? Are you all right? Rebel?!’ Poiy and Day emerged from a trap door. ‘Wow son! You’ve grown! You got the muscles, you got the looks, damn, son!’ said Seath’s father, Day. ‘Well, I’m not against this marriage! When will you two get married?’ asked Seath’s mother, Poiy.

‘Whoa, guys! Slow down! We haven’t even gone on a date yet!’ Seath exclaimed.

‘Yeah! We don’t even know if this’ll work out! Why the rush?’ I exclaimed as well. Thankfully, I knew these guys quite well, so I can freely present myself.

‘Well, judging by the scene I just saw, it was going to work out!’ Day said, laughing. ‘So when should we expect hatchlings?’

‘Dad!’ Seath yelled. ‘Not cool!’

Day and Poiy roared with laughter. Me and Seath just turned red.

‘Anyways, off the topic. I’m sorry about your parents, Rebel. They saved us. And many others. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your parents, Rebel. I’m sincerely sorry about it.’ Poiy said seriously.

‘It’s ok. I’ve gotten over it. At least they died in a manner in which they would have liked.’ I said, but as I said this, sorrow started to flood my mind. Seath walked over to me, and draped her wings around me, trying to cheer me up. ‘I’m sorry, Rebel.’ She whispered. ‘Your parents were great dragons. Their death was a great loss to us all. Umm… want to see their ashes?’

So we all flew to the local graveyard. There I saw my parents’ ash and paid my respects while Seath and her family left me in peace. Then I flew back to Seath’s place, sulked a bit, had a bit of casual talk with Seath and proceeded to bed. Well, I mean the couch in the main living area, that is.

‘Good night, Rebel.’ Seath said, and kissed me on my cheek, making me burn with embarrassment. I looked at her, and saw she was burning as well. I got an idea, and said: ‘Seath.’ And when she turned around to face me, I slammed my face into hers into a furious kiss. She soon joined in, and a few minutes after, we parted.

‘Good night.’ I said while my cheeks were burning and I had a huge smile on my face.


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