A Dragon’s Life: Ch 14


It was the next day. Sunlight reached me through the closed blinds. I grudgely opened my eyes and looked around.

‘Boo!’ Someone yelled behind me.

‘Ahhhh!’ I yelled as I jumped and grabbed my .45 beside me and aimed it at whoever it was.

‘Whoa, whoa! Cool down, Rebel! It’s just me! No need to shoot!’ Seath yelled while laughing.

‘You…’ I growled and knocked her off her feet. She squeaked in surprise and we both laughed hysterically.

‘Finally you’re up. I knew you were a heavy sleeper, but damn, it’s noon, son.’ Day said, grinning. ‘Lunch is in an hour. You might want to wash in the meantime.’

‘Got it, Sir.’ I said. ‘Uhhh… where’s the bathroom?’

‘It’s over there. At the end of the corridor.’ Seath replied.

‘Thanks.’ I said as I took out some clothes out of my bag and started towards the bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom, I stripped my clothes and turned the shower on. Damn, the shower felt good. After not being able to properly wash for months, a proper shower was a bliss.

After a bit of time, I turned off the shower and started to dry off. I was about to get my clothes on when I realized that I got the wrong tops.

‘Crap. These are already worn clothes…’ I thought. Thankfully, my jeans were the right ones.

Oh well. Guess I’ll have to move fast and get my clothes. Besides, we had scales, right? Nothing to really look at.

I opened the door and looked around. Thankfully, on one was around. I quickly moved through the corridor, and was almost at my bag when…

‘Rebel?’ Seath yelled. Well, almost yelled.

‘Shhhh!’ I said as I got my bag and dug through it, looking for my running shirt.

‘Why are you not fully clothed?’ She whispered.

‘Cuz I got the wrong ones! Sorry!’ I whispered in a hurry.

‘Well, at least you look good.’ She flirted.

‘Shut up.’

‘What? It’s true.’

‘Shut up. You know your parents are here too, right?’ I said. I finally got my tops and flung them on me.

‘Ohh… right.’ Seath said. I gave her a ‘Really?’ look and started to go back to the bathroom to get my clothes back. Seath followed me.

‘Why are you following me?’ I asked.

‘Cuz I want to be with you. We are couples, remember?’

‘Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be together every second.’

‘Are you saying that you don’t enjoy my company?’

‘No, no. Not that. It’s just… erg… whatever.’ I said. Seath giggled. Truth be told, I didn’t dislike Seath’s company. I actually liked it. I liked it a lot.

I got my clothes, threw them in the washing machine, got my other clothes, threw them in as well. It was near the time for lunch now. The smell was delicious. I walked into the kitchen and saw Day and Poiy cooking.

‘What is it? It smells good.’ I asked.

‘Steak. Well, if you can call it one, that is. It’s not a proper one, but it’ll be close enough.’  Poiy replied.

‘Smells great!’ I said.

‘Wait a second. It’ll be done in a few minutes. You like yours raw, right?’


So I had lunch, and went to organize my stuff. I already got washing clothes out of the way, so I started to fill up magazines for the guns with bullets. While I was doing this, Seath walked in. She looked at the scene unsurely.

‘Umm… Rebel? What’s this?’ She asked, in an uncertain way.

‘Guns, ammos, exacta. Why?’

‘Aren’t these… illegal?’

‘They are once they’re out of the army.’ I replied.

‘So… you mean these are.’ Seath said. Then she sighed and sat down in front of me. ‘Rebel, do you need these? You know… we’re against the war, and it’ll be ironic if we use violence.’

‘But think of it this way, Seath. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by the police, and they have orders to kill you. Are you going to go down without a fight? Cuz that’s not the Seath I know.’

Seath just sighed.

I held out a 9mm out to her. ‘Here. Take this. You’ll have to protect yourself.

She grudgly grabbed the gun from my claws, and looked at it dubiously. ‘Do I have to use it?’

‘You don’t, unless someone tried to kill or harm you. Well, that reminds me.’ I said and grabbed 2 more pistols, gave them to Day and Poiy, explained why, and came back. Then I started to load the magazines again.

‘Here. I’ll help.’ Said Seath, grabbing a magazine.

We loaded up the magazines in silence, the put it all with the left ammo inside my duffel bag. It was night when we were done, so we decided to just go to bed.

‘Good night, Rebel.’ Seath said.

‘Good night, Seath.’ I said, and planted a kiss on her cheek. We both smiled at each other, and departed.

Well, it was a good day.


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