05.01.17 (Mon)


Skool finished.

I dont think i really did a good job on this test. Tho… i dont care? Cuz i didnt work for it?

Anyways, gonna go home and rest. Tomorrow’s english, so it shouldnt be a problem.


Lol. Published the wrong one again.


Paint time. But first, let’s cut the picture.


My 2 hour oaint project failed.

Wanna get a beer.

Should i?


Hopefully i can buy a beer.


Fail. Lol.

Still, im a 12th grader. Others will sell me.


Another fail. I wont lie. I’m kinda depressed. Somehow beer is harder to get than cigars. Well, a few pieces of chocs can probably cheer me up.


Well, apparently the god doesnt hate me. Someone dumped a computer again! Yes!

P.s. got 4 butter cups.


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