A Dragon’s Life: Ch15

It was another peaceful day when I woke up. The sky was clear, sun was high, and the birds were…

‘Boo!’ Seath yelled. Again.

‘Ahhhh!’ And I was still surprised as my claws were reaching for my .45. I stopped myself and looked at Seath. Once again she was giggling hysterically.

I growled. This was the second time I had fallen for her trick. I should have known it was her. ‘Really?’ I asked. ‘Really? I was up! You didn’t need to surprise me like that!’

‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t care if you were up. It’s noon again, Rebel. U wanna miss lunch or what? Plus, your reactions were well worth it. It’s literally hilarious!’ Seath said, giggling.

I just growled. Seath continued laughing.

Finally, I went to the bathroom to wash, making sure to take the right clothes this time. After washing up, getting lunch, and doing some other things, I got my bag and started to organize it again.

‘Hmm… let’s see… I got my ammo, my rifles, magazines…’ I trailed off, and continued inside my head. ‘Food, water, clothes, phone… I think I have everything ready?’ I thought. So I started to organize them in a fashion in which I could easily locate everything. Then I pulled out my map from my jacket. ‘So what do I do now?’ I thought out loud.

‘You can help the protest here.’ Seath said, unexpectly. I haven’t even noticed her being next to me.

‘Huh?’ I asked, kinda confused. ‘Don’t you have enough protesters already? So why?’

‘Yeah, but it’s kinda hard to lead them all by myself. I could use a hand. And you already have quite a name of yourself, so that’ll help, too.’

I thought for a second. I could help her. Just a bit of time here wouldn’t make too much of a difference at the battlefield. Plus, I got to see Seath for a longer time. Though… best if I returned these as soon as I could.

‘Ok.’ I said. ‘But I probably can’t stay for too long.’

‘That’s alright.’ She said. ‘Anykind of help is welcomed at the moment. The army is pushing harder against us, and we want to minimize the amount of dragons the army gets. Thanks, Rebel.’

‘So what do we do now?’

‘The protest starts again at tomorrow. 1pm. So you might want to get to sleep earlier than usual today. Other than that, it’s free for you today. Do whatever you want to do.’

‘O…k… Seath, you got time?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Wanna go out?’

‘U asking me out on a date?’

‘If you can call it one. But it’s more of a friendly one. You know, like when we were friends.’

‘Oh. Ok. Sure! When? Now?’ she said, excited and happy.

‘Yeah. I don’t know around here as much as you do, so how about you guide me?’

‘Well, sounds good to me. So we go wherever I want to go?’

‘Basically yes, so where do we go?’

Like that, we told Day and Poiy that we were going out. (They were literally jumping with joy) and walked out of the house.

‘So to where?’ I asked.

‘Dunno. Why don’t we just walk and you suggest or ask me whatever you want to?’

‘Ok. Then let’s go this way?’


Silence. We looked around, well, I looked around, and walked.

‘So…’ I gulped. This was kind of a big question, but I was curious. ‘When did you start to like me? Like, when approximately?’

‘Dunno.’ She replied, more easily than I expected. But then, it was she who insisted us be couples. ‘I think I liked you from quite a bit long ago. When I imagined my dream, it always included the personalities you had. Sober, joking, sarcastic at times…’ She trailed off, for some reason looking straight forward.

‘Oh well. Thanks.’

‘So what do you like about me?’ She asked, facing me. ‘Why did yiu agree on us being couples?’

I don’t know. I think it’s because it’s you. Like, YOU. And for some reason, I can’t say ‘No’ to you that easily. Also, you said to have faith, and I’m having faith on you, Seath. Not that I don’t have faith on you, but this is a different kind of faith, you know. But still, I believe in you.’ I replied, then looked at the scenery and said: ‘By the way, you look good as well.’

‘Ooh. Thanks. You don’t look half-bad either. I meant it that last time.’

‘Huh. Suddenely this friendly walk sounds more like a date.’ I said.


We walked on, looking at the passing scenery. I learned the route of the protest that was going to take, walked around more, making sure to remember every ally so we can use it as an escape route if hell fell upon us. Finally, we ended up in a park. There wasn’t that much dragons because of the war, but the park was still fairly clean and the water still seemed clear. I got an idea and silently cupped some water in my claws, and threw it at seath.

‘Hey!’ Seath exclaimed/yelled at me.

‘That’s for today’s surprise!’ I replied, laughing, then splashed at her again. ‘And that’s for yesturday!’

‘Stop, stop!’ She yelled as I continuously splashed her with water, getting her drenched. ‘You win, You win!’

I laughed as Seath looked at me with ‘Really?’ eyes.

‘Ok, Ok. I’m sorry.’ I said, and kissed her. ‘Does that make up for an apology?’

She looked kind of dazed and said happily: ‘Yes, it does.’


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