So I went campint Pt 1.

So the tent is already set up for us. We only need to bring the chairs, food, table, and etc which filled our car to the brim.

Setting the camp up…

Lighing the chacol on fire… that’s me holding the torch. Chacol got on fire surprisingly fast.

Forgot to take any pics after chopping the wood.

And, today i was to get taught how to cook beef on fire. Cuz i literally burn every time i cook anything. That and i dont know the proper way of cooking beef.


And cooking…

And cooking… (This is the first time me and my dad cooked sausages. Well, mostly my first time cuz my father didnt really help. He laid back, expecting me to learn from experience.

And… finally, eat! Beef and sausages were… at least good.

We ate and ate and ate.

Finally, marshmellows. This was also the first time my family had eaten cooked marshmellows, so we were kinda surprised that marshmellows peeled off. To me, it literally tasted like sugar, which i’m pretty sure it is majorly consisted of.

Of course, caprison cant be missed, can it?

And… campfire!


And more marshmellows!


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