A Dragon’s Life: Ch16

‘So what do I need to do when we get there?’ I asked. We were going to the start of the protest.

‘Well, I’m going to introduce you to the other protesters, then I’ll hand you the mic. So you might want to think of something to say in front of the crowd.’ Seath replied. ‘And by the way, I’m still mad at you.’

I laughed. This morning, I expected Seath to come scare me again, so I hid behind the folding doors and scared her. She literally screamed and ran out of the room. It wasn’t until I started laughing hysterically and crying with laughter when she came back and scowled at me. She punched me multiple times, and I ran away from her, laughing. She eventually let me off, and now we were walkind down the street like this.

‘Haha’ I laughed. ‘You don’t react very well to jumpscares, do you? And, that was a payback to what to what you have done to me.’

‘You already did that by soaking me in water!’ Seath exclaimed.

‘Yeah, but I made it up for you, didn’t I? So this is the payback. Besides, you know I love you. Forgive me?’ I asked with puppy eyes.

She huffed and looked away, but I saw her smiling a bit. I knew I could win her.

About 5 minutes later, we arrived, and Seatgh was making a speech to the gathered protesters.

‘… and we have a special guest today. He can’t stay for long, but from today and on, he’ll help me from the side. I present you…Rebel!’ Come here!’ Seath yelled, waving at me. I went.

‘Hello.’ I said, a bit nervously. I wasn’t sure if I could help lead all these dragons. But on the other hand, if Seath did it by herself for so long, why couldn’t I? Still, I felt nervous. ‘I’m Rebel, as you have heard, and I’m tghe leader of the rebels working in the army. Good to meet you all. I can’t stay for long, but let’s make it count.’

There was a cheer as I ended the incredibly short speech. Dragons with plankcards were cheering with bright and hopeful faces. Dragons without plankcards who were also protesters cheered with hope and belief. Parents with hatchlings on their backs or alongside them looked hopeful, hoping to show their children a revolution. Young-adults looked set, set to stop the war and make a change. Older generations looked determined, determined to do their duties of making a better world for the youngers. The poor held  hand-made plankcards telling the world to stop the war. The rich were distributing printed plankcards and banners to the unprepaired, and were giving out packed food.

It was quite a sight.

We started marching.

‘Are they always like this?’ I asked Seath, leading the group.

‘Yeah. But they seem more lively today. Probably because of you.’ Seath replied.

We marched through the laready promised route. We marched in front of the metro station, the army base, and finally stopped at the city hall. But unlike other places, something wasn’t right.

Something wasn’t right.

The atmosphere was too tight. There wasn’t any dragons lurking around as usual, no birds or any other animals around. Something was wrong.

‘Seath. Stop the march.’ I said, urgently.


‘Something’s not right.’


‘Stop!’ I yelled. ‘Everyone, Stop!’

The protesters stopped, with confused voices and looks. I looked around. Something was definetely wrong. The city hall and the streets were way too deserted. There wasn’t any normal dragons on the streets or at the hall. It was way too quet.

My claws went to my .45 as I slowly stepped into the center of the city hall, making me vulnerable to any threat that was lurking. But what better way to make the threat reveal itwelf than using the subject as bait?

As I expected, a bullet came to me, hitting me in the wing. I screamed as white pain flashed before me, as the bullet went straight through my wing, tearing it. Seath started to run towards me, but I stopped her by raising a hand. No need to get her in danger as well. I found where the bullet came from, thanks to my time in the army, and that was my aim anyways. It was coming from a nearby apartment.

I moved, clenching my teeth and forcing the pain down. I moved to the side, not wanting to get shot again or alert whoever it was that was shooting at me.

I took cover behind a building. I pulled out my phone, and dialed Seath. She picked up right away.

‘Seath, get out. Get out of here right now. Tell the others to disassemble. There’s someone shooting at me, and I have no doubt that they will have any trouble at shooting you as well.’ I said, urgently.

I heard her reply, but at the same time, saw a bunch of soldiers with rifles headed my way. I quickly stuffed the phone in my pocket, not caring if Seath was speaking. If I was going to live, I needed to get out of here as fast as I could. As I rounded the corner to get away, said soldiers found me and started shooting at me. Yup, it was me they were looking for.

I ran, ran for my life. I didn’t want to die. I rounded another corner, trying to evade the rain of bullets. I still got hit in the tail, making me blind with white pain again. I swore, hard, but none the less ran. Life came first, then bleeing.

I rounded yet another corner, into an ally, and hid. I heard bullets hitting the wall, then heard soldiers rushing in. I got my claw on a cloth from my vest, and got my other claw on my .45, hoping that I won’t have to use it. I was getting to use the element of surprise against one of them.

The soldiers rushed past, and that was my cue. I sneaked out of my spot, grabbed a soldier, and quickly put the cloth between his teeth, gaggin him. I put the muzzle of my .45 against his skull and said:’If you want to live, you’d better come with me.’

He looked at me with a surprised expression, Then started to growl and started to speak, so I gagged him harder, and hit him with the butt of my pistol. He went uncountious.

Ok. So I got a captive. Now, all I needed to get was a room to question him.


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