A Dragon’s Life: Ch17

I peeked around of the ally, looked around, then dragged the unconscious body behind the trash. First I needed to find an abandoned house or something to question him. You can’t exactly run around with an unconscious body on your shoulder, you know.

After I found a basement, which was kinda covered with spiders, but was clean enough, I retrieved the guy and headed there. Once I was there, I found a chair and tied the soldier to it, then splashed him with icy cold water.

‘Please don’t kill me!’ That was the first thing the soldier said after getting awake and taking a look at me.

‘I won’t if you tell me a few things.’ I said. ‘Long as you don’t spill any info, I’ll consider letting you go as well.’

‘What do you want?’ The soldier asked, uneasily.

‘Why did you shoot at me? That’s tge first question.’ I replied.

‘Because we were ordered to.’ The soldier answered, still uneasily.

‘Who gave you the order and why?’ I asked. ‘Don’t give me crap that I already know. You attacked me because of orders. Else why would you have attacked me? Tell me what I want to know.’

‘I’m not telling you that.’

I didn’t reply, but instead put my .45 against his skull. He shouted in panic: ‘Ok, Ok! I’ll tell you! Just put that gun away! Please!’

I lowered the gun, but didn’t put it in the holster back yet. ‘Well?’

‘Sigh… ok. So I don’t know where the command came from. All I know is that it’s from a general. But I know why. They say that your protest and your act against the war will make us lose the war and…lose them the profit.’ He answered, hesitantly.

I was confused. ‘What profit? What are you talking about? Be more specific.’

‘The generals and commanders are smuggling out war supplies and selling them on the black market. They don’t want the war to end as that’s going to stop them from getting profit and that’s going to make them risk the reveal of the fact. We act like we don’t know about it, but all of us outside the frontline does know about it.’

I was stunned. While we were risking our necks on the frontline, the generals and the commanders were in the back, stuffing their pockets.

I felt rage.

The old saying was right: While it’s the soldiers who fight, it’s the generals who take the glory. I was going to kill those sons of bitches.

‘Keep talking.’

‘So they don’t want the war to be stopped. They fear the civilians getting to know about this. They fear an uproar.’

‘Well, they shouldn’t have started it in the first place if they fear for it. And?’

‘That’s all. That’s all I know. Please, don’t kill me.’ He pleaded.

I thought for a second. I didn’t want to kill anymore dragons. But I couldn’t just untie him, and let him see where I was going, moreover attack me. I reached a conclusion.

‘I won’t, but you’ll have to forgive me for this.’

‘Wha…’ He was cut short as the butt of my pistol met the side of his head. I said a silent apology and untied him, then walked out of the basement making sure I left the door open for him. The world suddenely went hazy as the adrenaline washed off. I remembered my wounds on my torn wing and my tail. I swore under my breath as I reached around for bandages.

‘Crap.’ I swore. I left my bag at Seath’s house with the other supplies. Just great. And I’m getting hazy from blood loss. In haste, I ripped off my shirt and wrapped my tail with it. The wing… it was torn. There was no way to fix if it if I didn’t have thread and needle to patch it up.

Well, I was screwed.

I started running. I knew it would do no good to my wound, but better run so I lose less blood and not pass out on the streets.

The world started to get more hazy. I stumbled. Thankfully, adrenaline started to kick in again and I could see semi-clearly. Still, the world felt hazy.

‘There!’ I heard someone yell at me. Then I heard gunfire and felt something hit my back. Then more hit me in the back. The world started to get more hazy. Even with the adrenaline, the world got hazier.

‘Crap… they must be soldiers…’ I thought to myself as I stumbled again.

I still ran. Well, more like struggled to walk away. Breath was catching up to me. Blood was foaming on my lips. I heard soldiers catching up to me. I felt some more bullets hit me, and looked down. I saw blood soaking my shirt and oozing out of my chest. I’ve been hit, and it seemed like I wasn’t destined to make it till the war ended.

‘I’m sorry, Seath.’ I said, as the world went real hazy and I stumbled and fell, blacking out.


‘He should have been here. He should’ve been here a long time ago.’ I said to myself, pacing around the room.

‘Eazy, Seath.’ My dad, Day, said. ‘Rebel’s a strong guy. He’ll be here in no time.’ But there was an edge of anxiety in his voice as well. It was near midnight, and Rebel still hadn’t arrived. We were all anxious for his safety, but I was the most worried.

‘But he’s been shot, dad! What if he’s you know, unconscious? What if he’s bleeding out on the streets? What if he’s seriously injured besides the wing?’ I exclaimed, getting more worried every second. ‘I really think we should go out and look for him.’

‘And make yourself risk whatever threat that lurks outside? Nope. Not happening, young lady. Besides, Rebel’s going to be mad at us if that happens and you’re not here when he comes. And the last thing I want to deal with is him being mad when he’s had so much training.’ My dad said, stiffly.

But I wasn’t going to listen.

I opened the front door, and went out to search for him. I walked down the alleyways he would’ve went. I walked down to the city hall for clues.

There was a bloodstain on the bricks.

My heart stopped, then sank. He had been bleeding. Bleeding quite a lot. Still, there was hope. Hope that he’s still conscious and hopefully on his way to my home.

I looked around, and after a few minutes, found another bloodstain. I looked around more, and found yet another. My heart stopped and sank every time I found another bloodstain. And the gap between each bloodstain got longer as well. He must’ve been running. I found the general direction, but every time he changed directions, I had to look for his bloodstain. Curse him and his habits of ignoring my words. I told him to get out, and leave behind whatever was attacking us, that it would do no good for us. I don’t know even if he was listening.

I found another bloodstain. But this one was different. It was bigger… it was… splattered in all directions… and it hadn’t even dried yet. And the whole outline of a dragon was drawn in blood, making me know how much blood has been spilled.

This much blood can only mean one thing. And I did not want to accept it. Looking around, I found cracked bricks, done undoubtly by bullets. I didn’t want to believe it. But everything was pointing at one thing.

Rebel’s been shot, a lot. He had bled, a lot. And he had died. And someone had taken his body, most likely the attacker. I was robbed of something, and that something was something I treasured, and something that I would not see again.

I fell down to my knees and cried.


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