A Dragon’s Life: Ch19


I heard beeping. I tried to get up. I couldn’t. I looked down at my chest. Bandages were wrapped around my chest.

What happened?

I tried to get up again. I couldn’t. I sighed and lied down. I tried to remember what happened. Then I remembered. The blood, the sounds of soldiers, the bullets… I remembered everything.

A doctor and a nurse beside him came in.

‘Ah. Mr.Colt. You’re up. How do you feel?’

‘I can’t get up. Help me, please?’

‘There’s a button on your left. That’ll help you to a better position.’

I pressed the button, and got my torso higher up. Now I could see the doctor and the nurse without straining my neck.

‘Who are you? And why am I here? How am I not dead?’

‘One question at a time, please. I’m Dr.Trian. My assistant over here is Ms.Green. You’re at a secret compound where even the government doesn’t know about. You are here because you seemed lile a worthy dragon. Hell, we tried to get you multiple times! Only that we failed every single attempts.’

‘So how am I alive? I thought I was gonna die for sure.’

‘You almost did. But thanks to our alpha team, who were ordered to capture you, you are out of that fate. The reason you recovered from your injuries is that we have special water called ‘The Healer’. It heals us, even fatal ones, real fast. But it only heals us till 80%, so you have to recover the rest by yourself. Legend says a magician made it. Seems like you’re nearly fully healed now.’

‘Capture? Capture me? What do you mean by capture me? Against my will?’ I half demanded.

‘Ah. Capture might be a harsh word, then. Recruit. Recruit you.’

‘Then why?’ I asked. ‘Why did you try to recruit me? Any reasons?’

The doctor looked serious now. He unwrapped my bandages, and stood back. ‘Listen carefully, Rebel. From now on, what I say will be very important. And stand up if you can. Better talk this over a walk.’

I nodded, and tried. It worked. I was standing. I followed the doctor.

‘We are a secret military, if you can call it one. We mainly do assassinations, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do face-to-face combat. We are here to make a difference. We want a revolution, and you have the power to do that. You have the crowd’s support on your fingertips. And we need that. We and you need that.’

‘I don’t.’ I replied. ‘I don’t have any power.’

‘Let’s save that till you see what your death has meant to the crowd.’ The doctor said, laughing. ‘That and your abilities. No one can locate the source of attack when it’s bullets that’s attacking you. That means you have incredible reflexes. The ability to trace the bullet to it’s source isn’t common. Not at all. If you train a bit, I bet you’ll be one of the best.’

How had they known all these facts? How long had they been following me? ‘Who are you?’

‘We are the faceless dragons. We are dragons who wants change. We are the Oklad. We are all dead dragons on the paper. But we aren’t. We are the assassins.

Assassins. I heard they were real, but never believed any existed. Not in this modern world. I thought them as a old myth or a source less rumor. The words struck me. I stopped.

‘Assassins?’ I said, in a I-don’t-believe-you tone.

He nodded.

‘You’re kidding me, right?’

‘No. Ask whoever dragon you want to. They’ll all give you the same answer. We are assassins. Even I am one.’ He said, and stepped closer to me. And before I could act, there was a knife against my throat.

I gulped. ‘Ok, Ok! You’ve made yoour point!’ I said in panic.

He laughed, and got the knife out of my face. The knife automatically slid into his sleeve. I watched in astonishment.

‘What is that?’

‘That, is my friend, a hidden blade. You’ll receive one as well. And yes, you’ll train with it.’ He said, looking at my expression.

‘But I won’t be training with real dragons, right?’ I asked.

‘What are you talking about? Of course you will!’ He said, with too much enthusiasm. My heart dropped.

This was going to be a long, painful time.

-2 years later-


I painfully stood up. My body was covered in bruises and cuts. ‘And you call yourself a leader? Come at me! Again!’ The coach yelled.

For 2 years, I have been training. I have been deployed, once or twice, to assassinate a few generals and such. It all went successfully, but apparently it wasn’t enough in the coach’s eyes. I trained endlessly, without Saturdays or Sundays. Well, at least I spent significantly less time in The Healer, so that was good.

I dodged the incoming knife and tried to attack from under. The coached blocked me, and returned it with a blow to my chest. I took it, and while he was busy hitting me in the chest, got my hand in front of his neck and slid out the hidden blade.

I had won.

‘Good.’ Said the coach, backing off. ‘You’re finally getting the hang of it. Again!’

-That evening-

I was in The Healer, resting as I waited for my wounds to heal. A dragon walked up to me. It was Beasie. He was my partner.

‘Had fun with the coach?’ he said, snickering.

‘Shut up. You know you get your sorry ass beaten up every time we spar.’ I returned.

‘That’s because I let off on you!’ he said, as if I was going to believe it.

It was a well known fact that I was better than Beasie. It’s just that he never accepted it. In fact, I was the best of Oklad, and Beasie on the second place. There were rumors that I was going to be the next CEO of Oklad thanks to my skills and leadership.

Still, there was that coach to beat, though. But I was getting the hang of it, and probably could beat him tomorrow and be true best of the assassin of Oklad.

‘So, News?’ I asked.

Seath’s still in coma, and their parents are still safe.

I sighed. Why had Seath tried to kill herself? Seriously, I didn’t think she’d make such a harsh move. Thank god there was someone nearby to save her. Else she would have died. Still, her lungs were filled with Sea water, and had to go in a major surgery. And she still hadn’t been conscious. It was two years like that. My hope was starting to fade.

‘Hey.’ Beasie said, placing a hand on my soldier. ‘Cheer up. She’ll be conscious soon’

‘Thanks.’ I said, but didn’t really believe in it. It had been two years. Two years, and she hadn’t got conscious one single time. I had gotten over being angry. I was now sad. Just… sad. Sad that Seath tried to ki herself. Sad that my friend had almost died. Sad that my lover had almost died.

Sad that I could do noting to help her.

I sighed again, and stepped out of The Healer.

I trudged back to my room and looked at the amulet. I opened it and stared at the picture inside of it.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…’ I whispered, hoping that somehow Seath can hear me.

There was a knock on the door, and a letter was pushed through the letter box. I picked it up and looked at it.

There was only one sentence: Assassinate General Anthony.

He was one of the smuggling bastards I knew. Guess he could kiss his life goodbye now.

I jumped out of the window, landed on the neighbor’s roof, and started forwards the armybase.


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