A Dragon’s Life: Ch20


I was at the army base. I was thinking of how to infiltrate it. There were multiple gates, but each were guarded by 4 dragons with rifles. The wall had machine guns guarding it, and the garage had an inspection gate before it.

‘Hmm… How should I go in..?’ I said to myself.

The garage seemed to be the easiest way to infiltrate. I crept to the inspection gate, and knocked on the door of the office. A guard came out, and before he knew it, he was lying on the ground in his own blood by my hidden blade. I rushed inside, and took down the guards before they could raise the alarm.

I put my hood on, and deleted the security camera data. No one would know what hit here, now. I walked into the garage, and went into the hallway. I kept my facedown, ad nothing good will come if someone recognizes me.

I saw a guard, and silently hid behind a corner. I threw a coin in front of the guard’s feet. He bent down, picked it up in curiosity.

That was my cue. I rushed behind him and hit him on the spot just beneath his head. He went instantly unconscious. I dragged his body into a corner, and hid him. Hopefully he won’t get found till I’m out of here.

I continued on, and found another guard rotating. I hid behind the shelves, and when he rotated again, knifed him right in the neck. The first guard, I didn’t kill, because by the position, he didn’t know what Anthony was up to. This guy, however, I was quite sure he knew since he was one of Anthony’s. He didn’t deserve to live. Not when dragons were dying on the frontline and they did nothing to aid them.

I started to drag the body, then stopped. Anyone with eyes would be able to see the blood on the floor. Instead, I decided to move quicker. Before they can raise the alarm.

I moved through the corridor, and quickly took down more dragons. The guys got more skilled with each dragon I took down, but thankfully, they relied on their guns. But that also meant that I had to take them down before they could fire and alert the others.

The last guy was down. Thankfully, they all died soundlessly. Well, except for that one guy who went unconscious at the start. Anyways, I was on the last door I had to get through. I slammed opened the the door, and rushed in. Or tired to rush in.

There was a gin aimed at me, held by Anthony himself.

I froze, but quickly recovered, and relaxed. There must be a reason to why he did not shoot me the first chance he got.

‘Well well well. Who do we have here? Such a pleasure to meet you, General Anthony.’ I said, hatred and sarcasm flowing through my words.

‘I don’t think you should be the confident one here. It’s you who’s on the wrong side of the barrel, not me.’ He replied, coolly, but I could sense his fear underneath it.

‘And why exactly should I not be confident? Because of that toy you got there?’ I asked, laughing. ‘I could sense your fear, you know. You’re afraid. Afraid of me.’

He fidgeted, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he tightened his grip on the pistol. He was going to shoot if I pushed any further.

I lunged, hit the gun from under, and as it was flying out of Anthony’s grasp, took it from the air. I aimed the pistol at General Anthony’s head.

‘Not so fun on the other end of the barrel, huh?’ I said, smiling wickedly. Then I dropped the mag, disassembled the gun, and dropped it on the floor. ‘Fortunately, or shall I say unfortunately for you, I don’t feel like shooting you.’ I said as I threw him one of my knives.

‘Two dragons enter, one gets out.’

This was going to be fun.

‘You ain’t got not skill, mate. How’d you get up to be a general?’ I asked, as I threw him the knife back. This was the 5th time I disarmed him.

I felt like a cat toying with a mouse. The ‘General’ was panting, and looked tired. He really didn’t have any stamina at all. It was a real mystery how he got up this high. I guess the army was more corrupt than I imagined.

A beep was heard. It was a signal from my camera. I had planted one in the garage in case someone showed up. Apparently, my cautiousness was not for nothing.

I turned to the ‘General’. ‘Time to finish this.’ I said. The general paled. He knee he could not win me. He fell to his knees. ‘Please, please don’t kill me.’ He pleaded.

I walked up to him, nonetheless. I grabbed his shirt, and whispered in his ear: ‘This is for abandoning the soldiers and going after your own profit instead of your duty.’ Then stabbed him in the neck. Blood formed around the general’s mouth as he chocked on his own blood. His eyes got glossy as he faded away.

My work here was done. Now I had to get out before it was too late. Or shall I say more tiring.

‘There has been an attack!’ someone yelled.

Seems like they found out I killed ‘em. Well, this was going to be fun.

I hid in a corner. I would have to use my stealth skills if I wanted to get out of here.

The first soldier came up to me. As soon as he turned and saw me, I kicked him in the stomach and pulled him towards me. He went unconscious, and I hid him in the corner, as well as made sure no one saw what just happened.

The second soldier came, gun raised, and I took him out as well. Sadly, this time, the third soldier saw me taking out the second soldier. Well, things just got more interesting.

‘Who’s there?’ the soldier shouted. ‘Show yourself!’

Well, I wasn’t planning to. And sadly for them, I was more of a shadow to them. There was a reason why I was at the top of Oklad.

I moved to the shelves and beside me, and tackled a guy at the end of the squad. He went down soundlessly. The squad tensed, but it was too late for them. I had already disappeared.

I stuck the squad from the side, the back, and the front. All those attacks made the squad more tense and weary. Finally, there was only one dragon left.

‘Who are you? Show yourself!’ He shouted, but I could hear his shakiness. He knew that he wasn’t just dealing with any dragon. He knew that he was dealing with a veteran who’s done this multiple times at least. Well, I was more than that.

I showed myself. I wasn’t afraid of one dragon with a gun. I could easily beat him, even without my hidden blades.

‘Hello.’ I said. He raised his gun, aiming at me. ‘You probably don’t want to do that, you know.’ I said, casually.

‘Who are you?’ He asked, a bit shakily.

‘No one. I’m a faceless dragon. You?’ I asked.

‘I’m one of General Sligh’s soldiers. You’re making a huge mistake here. When he hears about this, you’re a dead dragon. So surrender yourself!’ he said, still aiming at me.

I rushed forward, and before the soldier knew it, his sub-machine gun was in my hands, aimed at him.

‘I guess my answer is no.’ I replied, smirking.

He shook. ‘I still won’t surrender to you.’ He said.

‘I wasn’t planning to have you surrender to me or kill you anyways.’ I said. ‘General Sligh’s one of the few dragons who cares about soldiers.’ I dropped the mag, disassembled the gun, and handed it back to him. ‘And I respect him.’

He took it shakily. I turned around and headed out of the army base. ‘Oh, and Anthony’s dead. He was corrupt and beyond forgiveness. Nor did he have any kind of skill to be a general, either. You can find proof in this USB drive.’ I said, and tossed said usb drive over my shoulder. ‘And please tell them that I apologize.’

‘Halt!’ the soldier said. He assembled the gun again. ‘I give you one last chance to surrender yourself or I’ll shoot!’ he said, bravely.

‘Will you?’ I said. I turned around and faced him from a distance. ‘Are you going to shoot a dragon who works for the good of all? Go on. Shoot me then. But think before you shoot. Am I your enemy? A dragon who takes out corrupt dragons?’

He froze at my words, then slowly lowered the gun. ‘No.’ he whispered.

I turned, and continued walking out of the army base, leaving the soldier and his unconscious comradrs.


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