Making a hamberger.

Get a hamberger bread and some Pattys.

Also, Onion, Tomatoes, and other stuff if you want.

Cook the patty.

Add some pepper if you want. I did. Makes the patty taste better. Also, salt the patty if it is not done. Mine got salted from the factory, so i didn’t.

Slowly getting cooked…

Finally. The assembly.

Cut the tomatoes, and put the patty on the bread, and put tomatoes on it, and cheese if you want on it as well.

Like that.


That’s my mom’s

And mt dad’s.

Taste: great! Cheaper than hambergers made in burgerking or Mcdonalds, and tastes better!

Build your own hamberger!

Customizable and delicious!

Totally recommended!


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