A Dragon’s Life: Ch24


I stopped the jeep.

I just stared.

My house was in ruins. Not much of the roof was left. Bare metals were rusting down, and walls were peeling off.

‘So this is what happens when your house gets bombed.’ I thought. I stepped out of the jeep, and sipped the beer I had in my claws. I stepped closer to the house. I went through where the door would’ve stood, and looked around.

It was a mess.

Furniture’s were broken, walls had cracks in it, and most of the stuff were raided. I sighed, and took another sip of beer. I went to the main bedroom, which was my parent’s, and looked around. Not much was left. Half of the stuff were stolen, and what was left were broken and useless. I silently came out and closed the door behind me.

I flew up to the second floor, and opened the door to my room. It was a mess as well. But at least the bed was still there, though it was covered in dust.

I swept out the dust with my claws, then slept on it.


‘You’re a murderer.’ One voice said.

‘You’re a murderer.’ Another voice said.

‘What about our families? Did they deserve what you did?’ yet another voice said.

‘You deserved it! You left the soldiers to die! You were all corrupt!’ I yelled into the darkness.

‘Yeah, we were corrupt. But what gives you the right to kill us? What gives you the right to bring justice?’ one asked.

‘Because I’m going to stop the war!’ I yelled back.

‘And what does that have to do with us? If we don’t care about the soldiers, then the war’ll eventually end by itself, right? So why did you kill us?’ Yet another voice, from somewhere else asked.

‘Because you’re all corrupt! Do lives matter nothing to you?’ I yelled back in the direction.

‘Ironic that that word comes from your mouth. Then, do our lives matter nothing to you?’ One asked, from yet another direction.

‘If that means saving the lives of soldiers, then yes!’ I yelled back.

‘And how does that done so?’ A voice asked, right behind me.

I whirred around. There was no one but the cold wind. A chill ran up my spine.

‘By killing you, your soldiers will be transferred to the hands of a more responsible officer!’ I yelled back, a bit shakily.

‘And how does that directly aid the soldiers? Aren’t they going to die anyways by the enemies?’

‘But it’ll still be better than being in your hands! At least they have better chance of surviving!’

‘Chance? Is that what you’re betting on? Is that the reason you killed us?’

I froze. But I still had to win over. ‘Yes! I’m betting on chance. I’m betting on chances over you. And yes, that is the reason I killed you, though not the only reason.’

‘Well, except for our corruption and your stupid bet on chances, why did you kill us?’ they asked, from all directions, angrily.

‘That’s all!’ I yelled back, angrily. ‘That’s all the reason there is!’

‘You’re a murderer.’ One voice said, hatedly. ‘You’re worse than us.’

‘You’re a murderer.’ Another voice said, from another direction.

‘You’re a murderer.’ Yet another voice said.

I couldn’t say anything.

‘You’re a murderer.’ The voices kept saying. ‘You’re a murderer.’ ‘You’re a murderer.’ ‘You’re a murderer.’ The voices said, from all directions.

I woke up sweating. Voices still rang in my ears.

‘You’re a murderer.’ A voice said.

I whirred around towards the source. A general I killed was there, with red eyes. I rushed forwards to kill him, but my knife just went through him, meeting nothing. ‘You’re a murderer.’ He said again.

‘You’re a murderer.’ Another voice said. I saw yet another dragon, saying it. I tried to kill her as well, but my knife yet again met nothing.

Then Seath appeared.

‘Rebel…Rebel… Why did you become a murderer?’ she said, crying, her back turned on me.

I froze. ‘I…I…’ I couldn’t speak. I just simply couldn’t.

‘Rebel…You’re a murderer…’ Seath whispered. I dropped my gaze. I just couldn’t reply. Then she turned towards me. She had red eyes as well.

‘YOU’RE A MURDERER!’ she yelled in my face.

I was shocked. Is that what Seath really thought of me? ‘I’m sorry, Seath.’ I whispered, and tried to kill her. The knife wenth through her neck, meeting nothing as well. She sneered.

‘Oh, now you want to kill me? Get rid of me? You’re a real murderer, aren’t you? I’m ashamed of you. I’m ashamed of being your lover! I’m ashamed of even knowing you!’ she screeched in my face.

I ran. I ran out of the house. I had to get out. I needed to escape. I climbed into my jeep and dug through my bag.

‘Run, you coward! Run!’ I heard Seath yelling, and saw her coming towards me. I dug through my bag furiously. I found a can of beer and started to drink. I needed to escape.

Seath was right out of my jeep. ‘Murderer.’ She said, looking at me with red eyes, pupils and whites all reddened. ‘Murderer.’

Then more dragons joined. They surrounded my jeep. ‘Murderer.’ They all chanted. ‘Murderer.’

I needed to escape. I opened the 5th can, and drank it down. I started to stop hearing around my surroundings. I felt better. But just in case, I opened the 6th can and drank it as well. Now I couldn’t hear anything but my own labored breaths.

I had escaped. But now I was out of alcohol.

I started the jeep, and started to go to the nearby opened store. It was hard to fine one as the town waa literally a ghost town. Meanwhile, Seath and the dragons followed my jeep, no matter what speed I was driving at.

When I finally found an open store, I turned my car off, refueled it. While the car was refueling, I walked into the store and bought a crate of whisky. I hauled it to the back of my jeep, and loaded it. Seath and the dead dragons were watching me from a distance, probably still chanting the word ‘murderer’. But I couldn’t hear them. Nor did I want to hear them.

I drove back, and Seath and the dead still followed. It was a miracle I did not crash yet. I swerved all over the road, and passing cars honked at me.

I reached my house, and unloaded the crate of whisky. I started to hear the word ‘Murderer’ again, so I got a whisky out and started to drink till I couldn’t hear them again. I took the crate up to my room, and closed the door, leaving Seath and the dead out. Better with them out of my head than in with me.

I opened my drawer, and pulled out a notebook and pen. I wrote all the information I knew on it. The guys I killed, the info I heard, the info the generals and commanders spilled before they were dead… and I also wrote down who should die. The president… the commander on the very top… all the corrupted lower generals and commanders… the commander on the very top on the northern side…. The president of the northerners… the generals and commanders of the northerners…

The list went on and on. But I shortened it down to a few major dragons. The presidents on both sides, and the top commanders of both sides as well as their assistants.

‘Planning on more murder, I see.’ Seath said, from my right. ‘Murderer.’ She said, in a venomous voice.

I quickly gathered the paper and turned around. Dead dragons were closing in. And Seath was already on my side. All of them with reddened eyes.

I needed alcohol. I put the paper in my pocket, and rushed to the bottles of whisky. I had to escape these voices and figures.

‘Yeah. Run. Run away again, coward. Never face your crimes.’ Seath said, sarcasm flowing off her voice. ‘Coward’

‘Coward.’ The dead chanted. ‘murderer and a coward.’

I gulped down the whisky, and the voice faded again.

But also mu consciousness.


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