A Dragon’s Life: Ch25





I opened my eyes. Fire surrounded me. Smoke filled the air. I coughed. Everywhere I saw, smoke filled the air.

‘Murderer.’ I heard a voice say.

‘Who are you?’ I yelled into the smoke.

‘A dragon you killed.’ The voice answered.

‘Where am I? Why am I here?’

‘You’re in hell. You’re a murderer. You deserve this.’

‘Get me out of here!’



‘Think of all the dragons you killed. Why should I let you out of here?’

‘They were all wrong! They left the others to die! The soldiers! They were their responsibility! I helped them! I helped the soldiers by killing the corrupted! I did nothing wrong! You, were wrong!’

‘And who are you to judge me?’ the voice asked, angrily.

‘Then who are ‘you’ to judge ‘me’? Get me out of here!’ I yelled back, hotly. ‘For all I know, ‘you’ were corrupted as well! For all I know, ‘you’ didn’t care for others! So, who are ‘you’ to judge me?’

‘Did you ever think of it as fate? As the soldiers’ fate to die? Did you ever thibk of it that way?’ the voice asked, still angry.

‘No! You left them to die! For your own wealth! That’s not fate! That’s death caused by irresponsibility!’

‘No!’ the voice boomed. ‘It’s their fate! They, are only soldiers! We, the dragons you killed, are generals and commanders! If you feel so bad, feel bad for the soldiers!’ for not being either one of those I mentioned!’

‘Fuck you!’ I yelled back. ‘Fuck you and your nonsense! Everyone deserves to live! You’re not sitting on them when you act like that! Even if you acted right, no one should use other’s deaths for their profit!’

‘No! You, are wrong!’ the voice boomed back.

I had no intention of losing. Not against this nonsence. ‘Fuck you! You are wrong! Fuck you and your bullshit!’ I yelled back.

‘Burn I hell.’ The voice snarled, and the fire suddenely rose up and started to close in.

I couldn’t breathe because of the smoke. I coughed. The fire kept closing in. Soon, the fire was right next to me. At first, I couldn’t feel because of my scales. But soon, I felt it, as my scales started heating up and burning up my skin beneath. I screamed. But the fire consumed me. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything. The world was consumed in fire.

I breathed in hoarsely, and shot up from my bed. I quickly looked at my scales and claws. Nothing was burnt. My breathing slowed down as I looked around.

‘Had a bad dream, huh?’ Seath said, venomously, still with red eyes. ‘Nothing less than you deserve.’

My breath got stuck. I suddenly couldn’t breathe. Her words struck me like spear. Finally, I whispered: ‘Why…why are you doing this to me?’

‘Because you’re a murderer. Because you killed us.’

‘But I didn’t kill you!’ I exclaimed. ‘Seath, I didn’t kill you!’

‘You did.’ Seath replied. ‘You did. And them as well.’ And more dragons stood out from the group.

Kestel, my math teacher. Obess, my friend. Neon, my dad. Livx, my mom. Olin, my army friend. And more. And more. And more.

All the dragons I knew. All the dragons who believed in me. All the dragons who I believed in. And they were all staring at me with reddened eyes.

‘No no no this isn’t happening!’ I said to myself, grabbibg my head. ‘This isn’t happening!’

‘Yes, yes it is.’ Seath said, walking up to me. ‘And it’s damn less than what you deserve.’

‘No! What I did was for the good of all! I didn’t do for this! I don’t deserve this!’

‘Yes, you do. You killed numerous dragons.’ She suddenely changed into numerous dragons I killed. ‘For the good or not, you still caused pain.’ And with that, all the dragons I knew started to walk towards me.

Then they stopped. They stopped 3 feet away from me.

Then my dad stepped forward.

‘Rebel…’ He started. ‘I believed in you. ‘We’ believed in you. Every time you killed a general or a commander, we believed that you would stop. That you would… that you would accept the fate. Accept the fate of the soldiers. But you didn’t. You kept killing. Maybe it’s our fate to accept that you’re a killer. So we’re running away. We’re leaving. Good bye, Rebel. I can’t have a killer as my son. Your mom can’t have a killer as a son. Kestel can’t have a killer as her student. Obess, Olin can’t have you as a friend. We’re not accepting it. So we decided to erase you. Erase you from our past. So good bye, Rebel. This is the end.’

And with that they all turned away from me and started to face away.

‘No, No! No! Don’t go! No!!!’ I yelled, and tried to grab them. But my claws met nothing and just went through them.

They faded away even more. I tried to grab them, tears flowing down my face. But I couldn’t. Finally, they only had outlines visible. Then they were gone.

I cried. I cried and cried.

I reached for my .45. My claws hooked into the trigger. And I pressed the .45 against my head.

But I didn’t pull the trigger.

If I die, I’d go to hell and I would have no one anyways. What difference did it make? I already had no one here as well. Why not remain here and make others happy?

So why kill myself?

My sadness turned into anger.

I would kill whoever it was who cause me this pain.


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