A Dragon’s Life: Ch26


I looked at my plan one final time, checking for any flaws or errors. There didn’t seem to be any. I folded up the paper, checked my .45 and knives, and climbed into the jeep.

One final ride.

I already had the president and commanders on our side and the commander of the northern side, bound and gagged in the back of my jeep. Now I only needed the president of the northerners.

I started the jeep, and started to drive. The northern territory was unfamiliar to me, but that didn’t stop me from finding the commander of them. So how hard can it be to find their president? Simply find the most guarded place, and there’s the president.

I turned the handle, and the jeep turned right. I headed towards the president’s mansion.

Of course, there were guards in the entrance.

‘Halt!’ one dragon shouted. I slowed down the jeep, and finally stopped in front of the inspection booth.

‘Inquiry?’ the dragon asked, walking up to my jeep.

‘To stop the war.’ I replied, in a I-don’t-care voice.

‘Huh?’ the dragons asked, confused. ‘Don’t mess with me, soldier!’

‘I’m not a soldier.’ I replied. ‘Not anymore.’

The dragon walked up to my jeep’s window. ‘What are you talking about?’ he askes. ‘Don’t you know that this place is top security? If you don’t have a reason to come here, then go away! This is the military!’

I sighed. ‘Look, lad.’ I said. ‘I’m not even from your country. But I can say one thing for sure. I can stop the war, and you’d better help me , or get out of the way. I’m going to stop the war, with or without you.’

The guard laughed. ‘And how do you intend to do so? You alone can’t do that. Not without the commanders dead.’

I opened the jeep door, and stepped out of the jeep. I walked to the back of the jeep. The guard stopped laughing and followed me with suspicious eyes.

I opened the trunk of the jeep.

The guard gasped. More guards came because of the gasp. They all got shocked as well. Then they raised their guns and aimed at me.

‘Release the commander!’ one shouted. ‘And claws behind your head!’

I sighed. ‘Really?’ I asked. ‘Really? You want the war to continue? And do you really want to fight against me? I already got the commander. And you know, it wouldn’t have been easy, right? But I did it. So, do you really want the war to continue and to fight me?’

They froze while I was saying that. Then one of them loweted his gun. ‘No.’ He said.

‘What are you doing? That’s treachery!’ Another guard yelled at him, still aiming at me

‘Do you want the war?’ the guard who lowered his gun shot back. ‘I sure as hell don’t. I’ve already lost enough family members. I don’t want to lose anymore.’

They froze, thinking at that word. The guard continued to speak. ‘And, by the looks of it, he captured all 3 of them by himself. That mustn’t have been easy. Do you really want to challenge him? I say not.’

One by one, the guards lowered their guns. They then went to the inspection booth, and raised the pole that was blocking my jeep.

‘Thank you.’ I said, to them all. I’ll be sure to stop the war.’

To my surprise, one of them started clapping. Then they all started clapping. The one who started clapping said: ‘I honor your braveness. Please, do stop the war. We believe in you.’

I got stunned, then nodded my head. ‘I’ll make sure to.’ I closed the trunk, with the president and commanders protesting against me, and climbed into the jeep, started it, and headed into the mansion.

Once I was in, I parked the jeep in front of the front door, and climbed out. Seath appeared next to me.

‘Well, seems like you used words for a change.’ She said, eyes less reddened, but still red.

‘Yeah.’ I said, and closed the door of the jeep. Seath disappeared again.

I approached the front door, and the guards guarding it.

‘Sir.’ One of them said. ‘Is it true that you have captured yours and our commander and come here to stop the war?’

I got confused for a second, and the guard noticed it. ‘The guards at the inspection booth radioed us, if that’s what you’re wondering about. We’re all tired of the war. So, is it true?’ he asked.

‘Yes.’ I replied.

‘You may enter, sir. We have cleared the route for you. The president’s up on the second floor, in the room right in front of the staircase. Stop the war, please. You shouldn’t meet any obstacle as we radioed everyone and they all cleared out.’

‘Th…thanks.’I stuttered. All of a sudden, everything was starting to go well. After all those killings and deaths, suddenly everything was going well.

I entered the mansion, and went up the staircase. There was a door right in front of me.

I opened it.

There was the president, sitting in front of the desk.

‘Who are you?’

‘Since you’re going to die, I’ll tell you. I’m Rebel.’ I replied, and pulled out my .45 and pointed it at him. ‘Back against the wall. Now.’

The president shook, and backed up against the wall with his claws in the air.’

‘face the wall. Now!’

And he faced the wall. I pulled out a zip-tie from my pocket and tied his claws. I also pulled out a cloth and gagged him. Then I hit him in the head with the butt of my pistol. He went unconscious and slopped down on the floor.

I pulled out a chair, and sat him down on it, and tied him around the chair. I went down the staircase, and pulled each bound and gagged dragons onto their feet, and tied them each to an individual chair.

Then I went out of the room and found a guard/soldier. ‘Do you have any broadcasting equipments here?’ I asked.

‘We do, Sir.’ He answered. ‘Shall we carry them to the president’s office?’

‘If you please, yes.’ I replied, and went back up to the room. I started to line up the bound dragons, ungagged them, and woke up the northerner’s president with some cold water.

He woke up with a start. ‘What do you want?’ he asked.

‘A few answers from you.’ I replied, and pulled out my phone and started to record, unknown to any of the presidents or commanders.


‘Why did you attack us? Answer, you, and you.! I said, pointing at the northern commander and the president.

‘Because we wanted more land. Because we wanted wealth.’ The president said. The commander remained silent.

‘And?’ I said, as I looked at the commander.

‘I aint telling you shit.’ He said, as he spat at my feet. I boiled in anger. At that exact moment, broadcasting equipments started to come in.

‘Thank you.’ I said. ‘Can you override every signal?’ I asked, hoping that they could.

‘What? The TV signal, sir?’ one asked.

‘The TV, radio, cellphone, everything.’ I replied. ‘Every signal there is.’

‘I believe we can, sir. But it’ll take a bit of time. Can you wait, sir?’ he asked.

‘Sure.’ I replied. ‘Thank you.’

‘You bastards!’ the northern commander cried out. ‘You dare listen to him? And disobey me? You’re all dead! Dead!’ he shouted.

But the guards/soldiers didn’t back down. ‘We want the war to be stopped. Everyone wants it to be stopped. If it means our life, so be it. But we aren’t listening to you anymore.’ One said, looking at the commander in the eye.

Then another, working on the equipment said: ‘It’s done, Sir. Once you press this button, it starts broadcasting and overriding every signal there is.’

I said my thanks, and took the button in my claws. The guards backed up, near the door and windows.

I pressed the button. All the cameras and mics started working. A guard behind the equipments made an o shape with with his claws, indicating that everything was working.

‘Hello.’ I said, looking at the camera. ‘I’m here to stop the war. So, everyone, whether a soldier or not, whether in a battlefield or not, please listen. I’m Rebel, the leader of the rebels in the army and the southern protesters.’ I said, and pulled my hood down, revealing my face. ‘And here, we have the presidents of both sides, and the commanders of both sides, who are responsible for the war.’ Then I looked at the northern president and the northern commander. ‘Please, will you explain why you invaded us?’

Both remained silent.

‘You’d better start speaking. Me and the audience is getting impatient.’

Finally, the president opened his mouth. He hung his head as he said: ‘For land and wealth.’ But the commander didn’t speak at all. Instead, he spat again at my feet.

‘All right. If that’s your choice.’ I said, and pulled out my .45, and shot him at his feet. He screamed as blood started to pool down at his feet.

‘Let’s be peaceful here, shall we?’ I said as I put my .45 back in the holster. ‘Now, let’s ask again. Why did you attack us?’

‘Just as he said! For wealth and land!’ He said, quickly.

‘Now that’s better. Did you know about the corruption of the army and that you kept killing innocent dragons?’

He didn’t answer again. I got my .45 out again and shot him in the leg this time. He screamed, and the guards at the back shrank away. ‘I knew! I knew!’ He screamed.

I turned towards the camera. ‘He knew. Now shall we find out if he was a part of it?’ and turned back towards the commander. ‘Commander, did you take part in it? And let’s be cooperative, shall we? Or do I have to shoot you again?’ Blood was starting to pool down at his feet. I signaled one of the guards and he came forwards and bandaged his leg temporarily. He hung his head and didn’t speak. My hands went to my pistol again. But just before I was about to shoot him, he shouted ‘Yes! Yes! I was a part of it!’ Quickly, and looked at me with fearful eyes. I turned towards the other northerner and the southerners. ‘Did you as well?’

They didn’t answer. I sighed, and pulled out 3 knives, and threw it at their arms. They all screamed in pain, qnd blood started to drop down from them as well.


‘I was! I was! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll tell you anything! Please, no more!’ pleaded the southern president.

‘Start talking.’ I said.

‘We knew about the corruption. We knew that we were pushing soldiers to and endless death pit. We knew about all of them. We knew that the war didn’t have any meanings. If it had, it was lost a long time ago. Now the war’s just for making the authority’s pockets full.’ He said. ‘Please, I said everything I knew. Please don’t hurt me anymore.’

I looked at the camera. ‘You all heard that, right? The war has no meanings. It only kills off dragons and fills the pockets of the authorities. So please, stop the war. Everyone’s lost someone. I, personally have lost everyone. It’s time to forgive. It’s time to forget. If this war continues, it’ll only make more innocent dragons die. Please, stop fighting.’ I said. Then I turned towards the 4 dragons. ‘And as the these dragons…’ I pulled out my .45 and was about to shoot them in the head, but changed my mind. ‘I leave them in your hands.’ I said to the camera.

I pressed the button again, and the broadcast went dead.


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