A Dragon’s Life: Ch27 (Finale)


It had been a few months since the broadcast. I was next to Seath at the moment. She hadn’t woken up once since I left her.

Then Seath appeared next to me. The illusion had normal eyes now.

‘Hi, Rebel.’ She said.

‘Hi.’ I replied, and continued looking at the body of Seath. She sat down next to me. I knew she was an illusion of Seath. But I somehow knew the real Seath won’t wake up now.

‘Rebel…’ the illusion said.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Day, Lyvx, Olin, Kestel, Obess, and the others have forgiven you. They decided to accept you back.’

‘And? You’re not done there, are you?’

‘Yes… Can you… can you kill me? The world’s constant pain, and I want to go to the other side now.’

I was stunned, but soon said: ‘But that’ll be more killing. You finally have all accepted me, but what if you turn against me again? And, you’re my friend and lover, Seath. I can’t do that!’

Seath sighed. ‘That won’t happen, Rebel. We are all illusions, you know, It doesn’t matter if we actually accept you or not. We aren’t even ghosts. The real ones you love are waiting for you on the other side with open arms. And the corrupted are in hell, paying for their faults. But I’m not even dead, Rebel. While my soul is, my body isn’t, and the pain of my body still reaches me. It’s painful, Rebel. Please, let me go.’

‘But… but you’re an illusion, Seath, How do I know it’s you that’s speaking?’ I said. I really didn’t want to end her. She was all I had left. Dead or not, she was the last dragon I had left.

‘Please, Rebel. I’m begging you. Please, release me. Release me from this world.’ She said, and for once, she looked helpless.

‘Just… just give me some time. I need to process this.’ I replied, and sighed. Do I really have to kill Seath? It’s been almost 3 years now. And she did look helpless. But did I really have to?

Or is it because of my own will that I’m not killing her?

I sighed, again. Kill her, and I’d have no one left. Absolutely no one. Not kill her, and Seath’ll be continuously tortured, being neither dead or alive.

I sighed again, and stood up. I walked over to Seath’s bed.

‘I’m sorry, Seath. Whether it was you or not, I think you’re right. It’s not right to leave and watch a loved one get tortured. I’m sorry.’ And with that, I pulled the artificial respirator off of Seath. Her chest stopped rising and falling, and she peacefully died.

I just looked at her. My loved one and life-friend had died now. I had no one left.

No one.

The computer made a constant beeping sound as Seath’s heart stopped beating. I turned it off, and pulled the sheets over her head, and walked out of the room.

I climbed in my jeep and drove. The protest has gone up like wildfire and war had stopped. Former generals and commanders were on the run except for the uncorrupted and already arrested.

All was going well.

I turned back and pulled out a whisky bottle. I opened it, and drank.

And I was left alone.


I stopped the jeep at a cliff, and drank the whole bottle if whisky. I pulled out my phone and turned on the news. Negotiations with the northerners were ongoing.

Everything was going well. At this rate, peace with the northerners will be achieved soon

I climbed out id the jeep, and got over the guardrail, and sat at the edge of the cliff, with another bottle of whisky in my claws.

I was alone. All my loved ones were on the other side.

Another car pulled up behind my jeep.

‘Hey.’ Beasie said, sitting down next to me.

‘Hey.’ I replied, quietly.

‘So… how’s things?’ he asked. ‘By the way, we have a new job for you. And you’re now the leader of Oklad. The previous leader stepped down, and named you as the next leader. Congratulations!’ he said, enthusiastically.

I didn’t reply.

‘Something wrong?’ Beasie asked, concerned.

‘No… nothing. Beasie, you be the leader of Oklad. I’m leaving. Leaving Oklad.’ I said, having another drink from my bottle. Then I passed it to Beasie. He accepted it, and drank a sip from it.

‘Why?’ he asked.

‘This world has no meanings to me. Not anymore. All my people are on the other side. I’m going to them.’

‘But… but you the best if Oklad! The best assassin! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?’ he asked, shocked. ‘Like, if it was me, it’ll mean a hell lot!’

‘And with me gone, you’ll truly be the best. But that’s not my point. I have no point in living anymore, Beasie. I’ve achieved what I was aiming for, which was to stop the war, and I have no one left now. Nor anymore goals that I could or want to achieve. I’m following my people, Beasie. I want to. That’s my last wish. Please, Beasie, accept the leadership and lead Oklad to good.

He stoop up. He looked at me with sorrow eyes, and turned and walked back to his car. ‘I will, partner.’ He said, walking away. ‘And good bye.’ The the car started, and he drove away.

I looked at the ocean in front if me, and drained the whisky bottle. I saw Seath and my people over the horizon.

‘Let’s meet on the other side, everyone’ I said to myself, and jumped down the cliff, into the water.

I saw darkness. Then light. Then Seath.

‘Rebel!’ she yelled as she ran to me.


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