Memories: Ch1


The alarm went off. I grudgely woke up, turned the alarm off. Then went back to sleep. Why was the alarm going off on Sunday?

‘Wake up, East! You’re gonna be late for school!’ Yelled my mom, yanking the covers off me. ‘Get up!’

‘But it’s Sunday! I wanna sleep more!’ I whined, and pulled the covers back on.

‘What are you talking about? It’s Monday! Get up!’ My mom yelled, yanking my covers back off again. ‘Now!’

I looked at my phone. It said… Monday. Shit.

I shot up, and rushed into the bathroom to wash. 20 minutes till I had to be at school. I cleaned my scales and hair real quick, and packed up my bag, then rushed out. I flew as fast as I could to the imaginary checkpoint. If I could make it to the road till 8:06, I’d make it to school in time.

I made it, and slowed my flying pace. I didn’t need to fly as fast, as I now had enough time.

I made it to school in time, checked in, and went to my homeroom. I unpacked my bag, hung it at the side of my desk. My back felt stiff. Probably because of the way I slept.

I sighed. So much for sleeping well.

I pulled out my phone, connected the Wi-Fi in class, and checked for notifications. As always, I had a ton of emails I had to organize, and a few job alerts that I probably wont get to do, nor did I want to do.

I started to do some part time translations to earn some money. My allowance was 50 bucks a month, which wasn’t a lot, but not too small either. But, once you buy a music package, it’s all gone. So that’s why I started this part-time translations.

I closed my phone and laid it down on the desk. Mr.Bea would be here anytime. Better close my phone than get risk taken of it.

Soon, Mr.Bea came in. ‘Hi, class.’ He said. ‘Hope you have a good day. Now, to your classes.’ And with that, we all disassembled, going to each one’s assigned classes. I forgot what my schedule was, so I went to my locker, and checked it out.

‘Great.’ I grumbled. I had Korean first, and I sucked at Korean. Still grumbling, I gathered up my books and headed to the class.

Time skip to lunch. Man, Korean classes were boring. Plus, Japanese classes were horrible. Why did we have to learn stuff that we probably won’t use or not interested?

I flew over to the cafeteria. At least lunch sounded good. On the way, I saw other dragons playing tag or playing Kedl. (Mid air soccer) Not being much of an athlete myself, I just said hi to those I knew and went to the cafeteria to grab some lunch.

Our school’s lunch was always a buffet. We could grab whatever we want and eat. But we always got told to grab what we could eat. I myseld grabbed a burger and went back out. I didn’t feel like eating in today.

I settled down under a tree, and watched the others play, and ate my burger. Then I threw the wrapper away, and pulled out my phone, checked for notifications again. There wasn’t anything worthy. I put it back un my pocket, and pulled out some papers and started to write. It was something that I uploaded on my Blog, as frequently as I could. It was called ‘A Dragon’s Life’ and it had myself depicted as the main character. So far, it hasn’t got much recognition, but nevertheless, I enjoyed writing and people looking at my works.

I wrote a bit, and put the paper and pen back in my pocket. I had decided to go on a a flight while the lunch period lasted to stretch my body. I flew over the school fence, and ‘Swam’ through the air as fast as I could. That was what I loved. Speed. And that was why I loved automobiles. Flying was great, but driving sounded even better.

After flying for a bit and looking at my watch, it was time to go back. I had 10 minutes till I had to be at school again, seated. I flew back, went to my locker, took out my math book, and went to the dedicated class. One good thing about being an eastern dragon was that, you didn’t get tired easily from flying. Flying felt like swimming more than actually flying, and we didn’t have to use a lot of power. Although it was hard to actually fly at first, it definitely paid off.

I walked into the math class, and sat in one id the seats. Ms.Aliea was sitting at her desk, doing some work. The bell rung, and a few late dragons ran into the classroom. Ms.Aliea stood up.

‘Hi, class. We’re going to learn about calculous today. Turn your pages to 178. And before that, is everyone here?’

She counted quickly, and started the lecture. Or, one od the students started the lecture. Our math class was always done by a group of dragons lecturing the rest of the class, and Ms.Aliea grading the lecture into A, B, or C.

The class was boring, hence why half the class was asleep by the end of it.

‘…and that’s how you solve this question.’ The student lecturing said, and the ones who were awake, including me, clapped. The lecture was actually quite good, though boring as hell. We each got assignments from Ms.Aliea, and the bell rung, indicating the end of class. I walked back to my locker, put the math book back, and pulled out english. Time to write.

English class was always a relaxing time for me. I didn’t participate in class, cuz I didn’t know need to, but instead wrote. I pulled out a pen and some papers, and started to write. Mrs.Han, as always, glanced at me briefly, and I nodded my head politely. She went back to teaching the class. English class went by like that, with me writing and not participating in class.

A few hours later, it was time to go home. It was late night. Our school always made students study till night. It sucked. Tired, I flew home, while reading a book on mu phone. It was an ancient story, with another eastern dragon like me, bringing rain for dragons who needed it. It was a total fantasy. Or rather, part was. The ability to control water for the easterners and fire for the westerners were long lost. Or, we forgot how to. Not that we needed it with modern technology.

Finally, I arrived home, and threw my bag in the bed, and turned my phone on, started to type the stuff I wrote. When I finished, it was near midnight. So I plugged my phone in to charge, and went to sleep.

I had to go to school tomorrow, after all.


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