Memories: Ch2

It was the next day. I was going to school. I had woken up late, despite going to sleep early, and was already late for school. So I was flying slowly, taking my time.

I reached school, and flew over the school gate, and checked in. The computer displayed ‘Late’. I ignored it and flew into the school building.

I went to my locker, and pulled out a book, locked it again.

Another boring day.

Dragons passed by, chatting to each other. Most of them being western dragons. There weren’t much of us easterners at school, basically because easterners kind of ganged up and went to another school. I walked down the corridor, and went to the first class of the day.

It was Japanese. Great.

I slept through the most of the class, as I don’t really care for Japanese. I once flew over to japan, which was exhausting, and found out that for some reason, most Japanese couldn’t speak English. So why try to speak Japanese when they don’t return the favor? At least, that was my logic.

The bell rang, indicating the end of class. I got up, and walked over to the second class of the day. I was walking down the corridor when I saw a certain dragoness chatring with her friends.


I smiled, and went over to her. She was a westerner, and was popular as well. She got good grades, too.

Basically the exact opposite of me, as I was ‘not’ popular, and was an easterner, and only excelled in certain subjects.

But I still liked her.

‘Hey.’ I said, waving a claw at her.

She turned towards me, and smiled. ‘Hey.’

‘So… what’s up? Anything new?’ I asked, trying to be casual.

‘No… you?’ she asked, nicely.

‘Nothing mentionable.’ I said. ‘What’s your next class?’


‘Mrs.Han?’ I asked, hopefully.

‘Yeah. You as well?’ She asked. ‘If so, wanna go together?’

‘Yeah!’ I said, a bit too enthusiastically.

She looked at me weirdly, but smiled again. ‘Let’s go!’

And so we walked down the corridor, side by side.

‘So what’ya gonna be? What are you going to major?’ I asked, trying to make a conversation.

‘Dunno. You?’

‘I’m hoping that I can be a mechanic.’ I replied.

‘Ooh. So what university are you thinking of?’ she asked, wide-eyed.

‘An automotive college. Still hadn’t decided on which one, though.’

‘But why? Hey, you excel in English! Don’t you think it’s kind of a waste for a dragon like you to go to an automotive college?’ she asked.

I knew this would come up. This question came up every time I talk about college to anyone. ‘No…’ I replied. ‘You have to do what you like to be happy, right? So I’m following the logic and going to do what I like.’

‘Does anyone else know about this?’ she asked.

‘Mrs.Han, Mr.Bea, my parents… and that’s about it.’ I said. Then quickly added ‘And you as well.’

‘Oh.’ She said, then silence followed.

We arrived at Mrs.Han’s class, and sat in separate seats. Time for me to write again.

Class ended soon as I wrote, and it was soon lunch. I flew over to the cafeteria and grabbed a burger again, and went out and sat under a tree once more. Other dragons were playing aerial tag or Kedl again. I ate my burger as I watched them play, and pulled out my phone. I loaded up the book I was reading, and started to read. The wind rustled by, and the atmosphere was cool.

It was just right to read. Everything was nice. Everything was good.

The main character in the book I was reading was learning how to control water. ‘Man!’ I thought. ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to do that! I wish I could!’ It looked cool AF.

I continued reading, and the sun was shining. The wind was just right, keeping me cool, and reading in the shade felt good. Finally the bell rang, and I put my phone back in my pocket and headed towards the locker.

Korean class.

Just when everything was great and going well. I sighed, and picked up my books from the locker, and shut it. I headed towards the class.


Time skip to night.

I looked at the clock.

One hour till I can head home. I looked back at my book, trying to solve the question.


The bell rang, indicating that we could head home now. I packed my bag up. I picked up my phone and checked the time and battery stats. 8:51, 23%. Just about good. I slung my bag on my back, and headed out of classroom. Time to go home.

I flew out of the main doorway, and soared up high into the sky. I wanted to touch the stars, although I knew I could not. I just wanted to go as high up as I could.

I soared up as high as I could, before air started to get thin. The houses under me looked like a bunch of little lights now. I flew around a bit more where the air was thin, the proceeded to come down again.

‘Well, that was refreshing.’ I thought, as I came down back. It really did feel refreshing, thanks to the cold, thin air up there. I was still tired, but I now had a much clearer mind.

I went home, and took out my phone, and started to type. About an hour later, ADL Ch2 was done, and ready to be uploaded. I clicked on the publish, plugged my phone in, and went to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow’s going to be as pleasant as today was.


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